Monday, January 30, 2012

breaking free.

Went to the bank to update the status of my house loan. The bank of full of people ( depositing angpow money kot? ;p ). Luckily mine is at the loan/ credit department, so not so many people. Sat down, clicked on the computer and calculator for few times and tadaa .. i think i will be able to settle it by June this year. And i'll be LOAN-FREE then. YAY! Can't wait till then. :)

Maybe then, can start another loan ... lol ;p

How many of you are tied with loans?

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Something weird happened for the past 2 nights. I normally dream when i sleep, good, bad, tiring or scary ones. But for 2 nights in a row, i was having some ANGRY dreams.

I cursed, i slapped, i kicked, i punched, a lots more. Not only tiring but furious at the same time. And who are my victims? ... My close friends and some family members !!!!!!!!! OMG, shocking rite???!!! I know i'm not a patient person, but what i did in the dreams were really unacceptable!

Do i really have so much anger in me that i can only release them in my dreams? Waking up with anger is not fun at all! :(
What's wrong with me???!!!

Do you think that 'vanilla scented' candles is responsible for causing those angry dreams? Cos i just bought them from IKEA and lighted it for that 2 nights. ( trying to blame other things... lol ;p )

p/s : 人日快樂 :)

Saturday, January 28, 2012

get loose.

When i was in my 20's, i only wear fitted t shirt. Cos i think i look good in it ( and i was really slim then ). But as i stepped in the 30's 5 years ago, i started to loosen up the cutting ( no need to elaborate on the changes on the body shape horr? ;p ). The t shirts became looser and looser. But once a while, i will buy slightly fitted ones, just to remind/ limit myself so that i will force myself to maintain the body shape. :)

I know some people who cannot wear fitted t shirt at all, they'll feel suffocated wearing it. And some always go for the smallest size.
What is your t shirt trend now?

p/s : Most of the members are back from holiday. Classes are starting to be fun again. Yay :)

Friday, January 27, 2012

a hole.

Yesterday was another disaster day in my gym teaching life.

I reached the gym early, so i did some routine just to warm up. After a few songs, i suddenly noticed a small opening .. at my crotch !!! Die liao la. 5 mins to class, no place to get another pair. Bo pien, die die have to conduct the class. Luckily the pants and my undie are same color. So not that obvious.

I think the members did noticed something different about me. Cos most of my movement are so cacat ( cannot do too big movement ). And i forgot a whole set of choreography ( cos can't concentrate while keep checking on my crotch ;p )

I think i should start keeping a pair of spare pants in my bag. If not, later i kena complain :

" wearing poking eye pants during class "  lol ;p

How's your CNY holiday so far? Ready to go back to the normal day?

Thursday, January 26, 2012

one word.

I can only think of one word to summarize my 1st working day after CNY ... EXHAUSTED.

Doing 4 classes in a day is really tiring ( for me la ;p ). Teaching 4 classes is even more challenging. Although not many came as most of the members are still holidaying, i still need to conduct the class in full 1 hour ( except that replacement aerobic class, 45 mins only, cos my kaki sudah sangat sakit ).

Reached home, mandi and 'tat' on the bed and begin my version of sleeping beauty. I know i am really really tired cos i didn't care to flip around in bed. I think my pose before and after sleep is the same. LOL ;p

Have you started your workout/ exercise routine ( in gym or at the taman )?
OR you are will wait after the 15th day then only start? :)

p/s : one of my client just called. got cheque for collection. haha.. syiok nye.. :))

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Hello people,

How's you CNY so far? Mine is not bad. One of the highlight is me gaining ... WEIGHT. It's just 2nd day of CNY and i'm already 2kg heavier. Can't wait to start working out to cut the extra kilos.

I'm starting my 1st working day of the Year of Dragon tomorrow with 4 classes ( 2 classes, 1 replacement & 1 team-teach ). What a great and productive way to start the year huh? Hope that it'll be like that for the rest of the year ( u might see a skeleton me in 6 months' time if that's the case ) lol ;p ...

How many of you gained weight?

Oh btw, weight is not the only thing that i gained. My angpow money this year is surprisingly higher that what i expected. YAY! Hope that it's really the year of water dragon with lots of 'WATER' for me ( and  everyone ) :)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

c u next year :)

Going back to Klang tomorrow afternoon.
Will be back on Tuesday night.
See you all then.

Have a All-Dreams-Come-True-Chinese-New-Year. :)

not yet.

Not sure if it's my age, the surroundings or other factors, but i am still waiting / trying to build up the CNY mood / excitement. I've prepared everything but yet i still feel nothing. It's like next Monday is just another Monday for me.

Was at IKEA this afternoon and surprisingly, takde orang. Why? Is it cos everyone is so efficient that they did all the shopping way before? Am going to teach 2 classes tomorrow. Not expecting a big group of people...

Are you all set for the year of dragon?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pay Day.

What do you plan to do tomorrow, the last official working day before CNY? LouSang-ing? Ticket booking? Or still busy shopping for clothes?

I know mine and i'm very excited. :) I received calls from a few clients today and i'm going from company to company to collect my payment cheques tomorrow. Although not everyone is paying but better than nothing horr? So, YAY!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

cars, cars, cars.

It's fun to see how people argue about ( not with ok? ) you. :)

Last Tuesday morning ( 8am ), my car broke down and i have to cancel my class cos no workshop is open by then. So this week when i went for the class, i told the members that my battery went dead and i was waiting for the mechanic to rescue.

Suddenly one of the che-che said that i should buy an extra battery at home. And i should learn more about the car ( engine, tires, etc. ). Then another che-che disgree with her, saying that it's really complicated and a lot of people dunno about it. That's why we have the mechanics. They continued arguing on the i-should-know-more-about-car vs mechanic issue. I just tried staying away from both of them. But deep inside, it's nice to see people defend for you. :)

Back to the main issue, are you good with cars?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

free show.

I was at Taipan this morning for class. As usual, the traffic in front of Summit is horrible. Stuck there for a while. Nothing you can except listening to the radio or texting. Suddenly they played my current favorite song : Stronger by Kelly Clarkson. Tunggu apa lagi? I was so excited to sing along, with some head and shoulder popping, and steering banging. It was so satisfying. Then i looked to the right.


The people in the mini bus next to me was looking at me the whole time. Guessed i just did a free show for the whole bus! Malu nyerr.. How i wish i my switch my windows to opaque. Luckily they didn't play any sexy/ seductive songs, or else... LOL ;p

I got a friend who always stop me from dancing / moving in the car. Tak senonoh worr..
Do you sing and dance in the car as well?
Syiok kan? :)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Nah! Penampar ...

It's final week to CNY. Everyone is trying to make the last minute things done before the big day. Besides shopping mall and roasted meat stalls ( ;p ), the other place to avoid is .... THE BANKs.

I spent almost my whole day today doing banking stuffs. Running from one bank to another, trying to settle the payments for my suppliers. It was like big sale in the bank. People mountain people sea. After waiting for almost 2 hours, it's finally my turn. The counter lady saw me and jokingly asked me for angpow. I looked at her a smiled, telling her that i'm not married yet. But in my burning heart ..
" Angpow? Penampar adalah. Nak? " ;p

But i managed to finished whatever banking stuff that need to be done. Yay :)

BTW, do you give angpow during CNY?
Like to the elderly or the kids ( your niece and nephew )?

Saturday, January 14, 2012

it's a MUST!?

CNY must do list :

buy new clothes;
spring cleaning;
get a haircut;
return all borrowed stuff??!!

A friend text me this morning asking when am i free cos he need to return the stuffs that borrowed from me. The first thing i asked him was : " Do you pantang? Must return borrowed things before CNY? Cos if not, we can always meet and return after CNY. Then not so rush lorr... "

Do you have this practise/pantang? Must return everything you borrowed before CNY? Or else your new year won't be that smooth?

Ever heard of the below popular phrase from 80's Hong Kong mafia gangster movie?...

有借唔還。。。唔想做人!!!( this is the cue where the Along pull out his gun and point at the fellow's head ;p )

See? I takde maki-hamun u tau? Tak yah nak return the dvd so urgently. :)

Friday, January 13, 2012

show me your teeth ...

For those who are close with me, they should know that i always check my teeth after a meal. I have a little pocket mirror with me all the time. Or i'll just ask my friends if there's anything on my teeth. Cos i had a very bad / embarrassing experience when i was in Greece.

I just finished a plate of Greek salad. I forgot to bring the mirror that day. So i showed my teeth to my friend. He looked at me and said nothing. OK. Then we continue chatting, taking picture. I went to the washroom before we left the restaurant. I washed my hand and looked in the mirror. To my horror, there's a piece ( not small ) of vege stuck in between my teeth. It was so obvious and my friend said OK. I quickly remove the vege and went out to scold my friend! ;p

There's a few things that i must rinse my mouth after eating ...
Oreos ( this one my ex colleague got a very CLASSIC story ;p ), black sesame muachi, pulut hitam.. and what else ahh?

Do you have the same habit? Rinse mouth after meal? Or bring your own pocket mirror? :)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

25 again? No thank you.

( The below post might makes you vomit a bit. Read at your own risk ;p )

I never hide/ lie about my age, to friends as well as members from the gym. Most of them were surprised with my actual age ( jangan jealous ;p ). Some even thought that i was joking with them. There's this little mei-mei who kept accusing me of lying, cos according to her i'm 25. I'm flattered but feel a bit insulted. Cos to me, i look so 'piau' 10 years ago. I don't think i want to go back to 25 years old, cos i'm very comfortable with me and how i look now. I think i aged vogiuly... cos i think ( my humble personal opinion ) i am more attractive ( not necessary better looking ) now. Tak percaya? Tengok lah sendiri....;p

Given a choice, do you wish to go back to a certain year of yourself? Or you are proud of the current you, just like myself? :)


Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I just completed my last VM job for CNY today. So it's official, my VM business is now closed for Chinese New Year. But of cos, my classes will still be on till CNY. In fact, i will teach till the very last day before CNY, and starts as soon as the 3rd day of CNY. Cos it's the time where we local instructors replacing classes for those instructor from outstation.

This is not the 1st time i teach class on 3rd day of CNY. I actually like it. Cos not many people will attend. So we can just talk talk, joke joke, and shake shake a bit... and that's all folk. Easy job. ;)

So, how many days are you going to be off for the coming CNY holidays?

Sunday, January 8, 2012

so u think u can SPIT?

( 1st rubbish post of the ;p )

I always admire those lorry or bas mini drivers for their special talent ... SPITTING. They can spit from inside the moving vehicle and the spit can reach the as far as the side or the road.

I tried a few times ( of cos not in public la ) but always end up drooling or wetting my own face. My conclusion is .. my mouth is too big, ... focal/aiming area too wide .. not focused enough.

Are you good in spitting?
Cos you know la, it can add in a bit of dramatic effect when in a bitch fight. Hahaha ;p

Friday, January 6, 2012


I was in Petaling Street just now to buy some CNY decors for my client. As expected, i was 'attacked' by CNY songs, dragons, red lanterns, cherry blossoms, etc. But the latest one is the number "8" ( huaaaattt ahhh ). There's 8 everywhere. They even changed most of the prices to 8ish - to make the CINA buyers happy. The thing that i wanted was RM12.60 per piece, and now RM12.88. WTF?????!!!!

Is 8 really that important/lucky to you?
Cos to me, i always feel that i'm more of a "4" person. There's so many 4s surrounding me. Yet, i still managed to stay vogiu kan? Nothing 'suei' about it. ;p And i know that some of the Malay loves number 4, cos it looks like crossing legs ( goyang kaki, tak payah kerja ;p ).

Hmmm.... "Someone's trash is another man's treasure" huh?

What is your favorite ( not necessary lucky ) number besides the cliche/expected 8?

Thursday, January 5, 2012

possibilities ...

I always tell my friend that he is a negative person. Cos most of the time, he is thinking/ looking from the negative side. His reason is ..

" Life is full of possibilities. Anything is possible. Good or bad. I must always prepared for the worst. "

There's only one thing that i don't really understand. I agree with the 1st half of his philosophy, but i think my version is better ..

" Life is full of possibilities. Anything is possible. Good or bad. I always hope for the best. "

And i will always stick to my philosophy. Cos i think it's vogiuer.
Which team are you on?
What's your philosophy?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I have a not very healthy habit or should i say a very aggressive way of watching DVDs. I like to watch the episode one by one ... non-stop. Especially when it's a drama series. I just can't wait to know what is happening next. Guess it just shows that i'm a person with very little patience huh?

My highest record is finishing an entire season of a drama ( 24 episodes ) in 2 days.
Do you do that as well?

Monday, January 2, 2012


I always arrange my clothes according to colors, necklines, sleeve lengths and materials in my wardrobe. And i also use certain hangers according to the color only. I thought that is just quite normal and neat. But when my O.C.D. friend came over and didn't bother / realize on my hanger's pattern, it got me thinking ...

Do i have more serious O.C.D. than my friend?

BTW, i also like to on/off my car alarm at least twice every time ..
... arranging the notes in my wallet according to wallet ..
... must put all the items back to the original place ..

Do you do that as well?

Sunday, January 1, 2012

just a number.

It's 2012.
I'm officially hitting my mid 30's ( 35 ) this year.
And i'm totally proud of it.
Not sure why, but i'm always very happy to share my age when others asked about it.

Some said that it's just a number. But some are very secretive with it ( not only girls hokay? ;p )

So, are you very open with your age ( i'm talking about your actual age ;p ) ?

Happy New Year everyone :)