Monday, July 23, 2012

top. bottom. i don't care.

When i shop for clothes, i will always imagine how can i wear it. Do i have any top or bottom in my wardrobe that can be worn together? If yes, then only i'll consider the rest.

Just curious, what is the main concern when you buy clothes?

a) as long as the price is right

b) as long as the design is nice

c) as long as you have the top/bottom that matches

But horr... when it comes to shoes... i just have 2 words :
" don't care", " buy first", " match later "...
Can't help it, i just love shoes too much. ;p

How i wish i have a walk in closet like this.
Aaahhh.. heaven :)


  1. shoes maniac. too bad my feet are too huge to get into good shoes. I've given up on fashion anyway, too largely built.

    as long as comfortable and fine looking, seriously I'll just put anything on.

    other than skirts and all.

    1. agree .. comfortable is a very important element as well :)

  2. walk in closet? need a walk in warehouse for clothes!!! lolllz

    hard to buy shoes leh, hard to find nice shoes TT

    1. yeah .. based on all the clothes you bought very time you go out .. u sure warehouse is big enuff? ;p

  3. Replies
    1. easy for u la.. u got the supermodel frame ..
      apa pun chantique on u :)

  4. Replies
    1. and i'm very sure u got great sense and taste :)

  5. a) + b)

    My clothes are shrinking! It's a plot to make me poorer. :(

    1. or it's time to shrink urself le ? lol ;p

  6. i havent really buy any clothes for nearly a year. actually going for 2 years now. huhuhuh... but most important would be design lah.. i can still close one eye on the price. but i emphasize on design.

    p.s. me want a walk in closet too! a big walk in closet with mirrors and bench =)

    1. yeah .. design is very important..
      i like simple thing with a bit of details.. :)


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