Sunday, April 21, 2013


I finally got the reply from Paris last Friday evening.

Apparently, they've decided that i'm 'not ready' to take up the offer. They will send over some guidelines / handbooks on what they are expecting. I can't say that i'm not disappointed, but at the same time, i felt relieved and kinda happy, cos i don't have to wait anymore. :)

On the bright side, they did offer me a smaller part of the job. They think i should start small and familiarize with them before taking over the actual job. Well, an offer is still an offer. I'll live with it, a least for now. Cos i'm still eyeing on the actual job. :)

So last Friday reached home around 10.45pm ( after 2 classes ). Had my dinner. Felt a bit empty. So i gathered all my disappointment, turned on the video on youtube and watched/practiced for 30 mins. And i taught PSY's Gentleman for my 2 classes on Saturday. Hehehe.

To add in more fun, i brought my sunglasses and a bow-tie for the few final rounds for the class. I told my members :

" See? I got my sunglasses, i got my bow tie, i got my stupid face on, and also the cacat dance moves. I feel like PSY. Hahaha. "

Member : " You just have to put on 20 kg more. "

Guess what was my reply?

" Chooooooooiiiiiiiii " ;p

Have a great week ahead everyone.
Glad to be back :)

p/s : found this song last night. and WOW... i'm so alive now. I'm so going to do this song for my class next week. :)


  1. Replies
    1. And you really need to put on weight because 赛 = PSY, or else the proverb won't work, hahaha!

    2. haha.. choiiii... no thank you... ;p

  2. Yea...the vogiu diva is back.

    It's ok. I mean, getting the smaller job - is still a job.

    And, to start small and slowly progress to the bigger jobs sounds logical.


    1. yeah .. hopefully it'll get better..
      at the meantime i'll just rocking to the diva song lo ;p

  3. You're back. :) Anyway all the best to your job. Small or big, it's more of how you can stamp you mark "Danny owns this!" Haha.

    1. good angle .. :)
      kamsia so much :))

  4. Finally you're back:)Hey how are you la~

    About the job thing I want to say that the disappointment shall pass, in the end the friendships that have weathered such a storm will be all the better for it ya..

    So don't stop blogging k..look at tu joker..lil heartache to read his latest post~

    1. i'm better .. thanks :)

      pardon for my bad memory .. but do we know each other? as in 'in person'? :)

  5. Js here.

    No Danny, i'm just a reader to your blog.

    Good night and sweet dreams. Xoxo

    1. Icic. thanks for ur visits then :)

  6. GJ.........

    Still love reading your blog.. =) That DIVA song by Glee cast.. Was superb! Love till drop!! And I think I would enjoy till drop too if I could join your class!!!!!! =P

    Big dreams are waiting for you to realise! Hugs..

    Jason Siah


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