Wednesday, May 1, 2013

i heart scratching ... u.

I was having lunch at McD and a middle aged couple sat next at the table next to mine. They were acting so cuddly and talking quite loud .. loud enough for me to hear everything. ;p

Halfway eating, the guy asked the lady to help scratching his back. So she did. Then the guy thanked her and said he's back is not itchy anymore, but she did not stop. Cos according to her, and i quote :

" Never mind darling, i love scratching you. "


Luckily the guy is quiet while getting scratched. Or else, it would be a Value Meal with a side of soft porn. LOL ;p

The gym was packed with people on Labor Day. So funny kan? People work(out) extra hard on the day dedicated for them to rest. ;p


  1. The guy handsome or not ?


  2. HR look means?

    That conversation is because u terdengar la,easily lead people to think of yg bukan bukan.

    oh ya,I love people help me massage.hehe

    1. normal looking ( slightly nerdy ) guy with glasses and combed hair lo


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