Sunday, June 23, 2013

the sign.

Gosh ... this is my longest hiatus in my blog. ;(

I've been receiving signs from my body since 2 weeks ago .. hinting me to take a rest , which i can't afford to :(

Went to collect 3 items from my supplier. Went off without item #3 ... forgot. It's too late when my supplier called me about it. Told him will collect the day after.
Reached home. Unloaded item #1 & #2 at the lobby then parked my car. Met and chatted with my neighbor on the way from parking lot to lobby. End up taking time #1 to my house, leaving item #2 in the lobby. Only realized it the next day when i was on the way out!!!

Canceled too many classes, due to the project as well as tireness. Almost fainted in the class on Friday ( so the dramatic kan? basal.. my style ;p ). Totally weak, none of my movement that day was sharp. :(

Rested yesterday and today.. but the haze is not helping. :(
2 more weeks to go...
Praying for a good health.

Take good care of yourselves everybody. :)
Have a great week ahead.


  1. Gonna sneak some sleeping pills into your diet.. hahahaha, good luck and don't fall sick!! ><

  2. Stay hydrated, stay indoor (as much as possible), stay healthy and stay happy!!! (:

  3. Need any helping hands ?


  4. dude, take good care of yourself. Drink more water and rest early :p

  5. Learned one new word from you today which will definitely help when I play my online word games. Sometimes played till I have sore middle finger and aching wrist. Lol. Age has caught up, undeniable :(

    Take care, good health is as vital as earning more money.


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