Tuesday, July 23, 2013

cold feet.

It's been my dream to do a show to pay tribute to the Pop Divas. And now i have the opportunity to do it ( something like celebrity idols dance performance ). And i'm having cold feet .. major cold feet.
Cos doing someone so popular is a do or die situation. People will have certain expectation when they see those names.

What if my Gaga is not weird enough?
What if my MJ is too divaish?
What if my Madonna is too Kylie?
What if ....

Am having headache compiling the RIGHT ( iconic ) song for each celebrity.
Can help?

What is the first song/scene that came to your mind when i say ..

a) Micheal Jackson ( this one terpaksa buat one ;p )
b) Lady Gaga
c) Madonna
d) Beyonce
e) J Lo
f) Shakira
g) who else that is very iconic ( easy to recognize based on the look/costumes )


  1. My replies as per below:

    a) Black & White song. Very multi-racial.
    b) Avant-garde, futuristic style of performance.
    c) Salute. Show the highest passion when doing shows.
    d) Booty shake. Strong vocal.
    e) Nice ass.
    f) Latin/Spanish tune.
    g) If you were to ask me, I'll go for old-school ultimate diva - Cher.


    Whatever it is, I think you will put up a good show.


    1. i know i know..
      she's the real diva to u :)

  2. Replies
    1. hmm .. do the scene where she dance n hold snake around her neck? ;p

  3. a) Beat it.
    b) Bad Romance
    c) Cherish
    d) Crazy in Love
    e) On the floor
    f) Hips Don't Lie

    1. tqtq .. but horr.. i think my set list is a bit different from yours ...lol :)

  4. Beyonce - Single Ladies !!!!!!

    1. i planned to do that... tapi org lain sudah chup....!!!!! :(


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