Wednesday, September 18, 2013

the content.

Back from the buying trip. So tired.
Bought so many stuff... but still not complete yet. Need to source more locally.

Came back with 3 bags full of costumes.
Checked in the big blue luggage back ( which is just slightly over the allowed weight ) and hand carried the backpack and gym back ( which weighted more than 10 kg ). Imagine carrying them n walk around the airport. ;p

the 3 bags

part of the content ( table too full to put in others )

But overall i'm happy, cos after the show, i get too keep all the costumes. 
So whoever planned to dress up as Gaga or Katy Perry or slut for the coming Halloween, i have the right costume for you. ;p

p/s :
while i was busy flipping thru a rack full of sequin short dresses, the owner came to me and asked :
 " for you? "
..... ooopps. ;p


  1. Hehe, will call you for Halloween costume.

    **No souvenir ? Hehe.

    1. over weighted la dik.... ;p

  2. wah, shine bright like a diamond

    1. tat's my gaga bodice and shoulder pad :)


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