Sunday, November 24, 2013

Christmas in November.

Been super busy with projects.

Bought something that i thought is nice within 2 hours and went back.
No time to think and plan for a Christmas gift wrapping concept this year.
Then i just used whatever i have in my storeroom and tadaa..

My Christmas gift for 2013..

A plain brown paper and black satin ribbon with my 'signature' single knot.
A plastic black spike / mini cone to make it a bit edgy ( i hope so ;p )

Started to gave them out cos i don't think i'll meet up with those people till next year.

So? Have you started / done your Christmas shopping?

p/s : just realized that this is post no. 1201 in my blog. :)


  1. Haven't done yet my Christmas shopping...

    Probably will only start next week.


  2. Wahhh... Very productive. Merry Chrismas!! Exactly one more month to Christmas. Wishing you early in case you are tooooo busy to blog. Lol... (;

    1. merry xmas to you too..
      bila free for yumcha?

    2. Probably after CNY... Very busy lehhh... I think everyone's busy with the festivity...

    3. it's a date then :)


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