Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Barcelona 2 :

Went to the famous tourist shopping area ~ La Rambla. Seperti biasa, it was packed with tourist and local people who are trying to POTONG us. Was browsing some items in a souvenir shop when a staff came to us and asked where are we from. Korea? Japan? Hong Kong? no no no.. Then we told him .. Malaysia. " Oh.... Malaysia. You choose choose. Buy many many.. i give you POTONG HARGA. " Aiyo.. people so got heart, Malay word oso came out already. how can we not buy? So finally, i think i'm the one who got POTONGed by them. Cos later one i found out that things in Barcelona is slightly more expensive than Madrid. Damn!

The famous St Joseph Market in La Rambla. Everything is nicely displayed and look so fresh. Check out the colors. Very attractive and appertising ...

Went sun-tanning ( this is where i got BURNT! ) at the beach near Port Olimpic. It was a sunny day with wind non stop blowing. Really nice weather. And of cos, nice VIEW too!!!
BTW, i forgot to remove my IPod's cable from my chest while tanning. So now, i got a white line on my chest.. very funny le..

今天重頭戲 :Fiesta裡忘我的起舞
We accidentally passed by this area where they were having some religious ceremony with parades. The musicians where damn good.. and the songs were fantastic. Mainly Samba music.I automatically started to move my body and shake my hip to the music beat .. feel so hot.. so hot... everyone were enjoying themselves.

重點來囉。你有看過人家忘我的起舞嗎?那種表情是不是很像syok sendiri?還有很誇張好笑的動做?


  1. hehe, of course barcelona is more expensive.. the last time i went was Easter, so everywhere was closed - markets, shopping and even there's nobody on the beach you went!! haiz.. only stalls along La Rambla i got :( btw, i hope you went shopping around Plaza Catalunya and The Diagonals besides La Rambla??

  2. 你就好啦,又去游山玩水。

  3. I LOL at ur last paragraph! Great one!

  4. sk .. i did i did.. n regretted ...cos i found the exact same thing in Madrid...30% cheaper...too bad m luggage was 90% full when i reached Madrid..must save some place for Lisbon ... LOL

    单身汉 ... you oso can ma.. :))

    freedom .. really? good...cos i think u need to that..cheers :))

  5. At least the staff knew where is Malaysia and can speak malay somemore...kena potong also worth it la. The beach....nice view wor, I like it very much lor...
    And the parade thingy looks fun...

  6. i love parade~~~

    there was a salsa fest at a street junction in miami when i was there. ppl just danced while crossing the street at red light when the cars stopped. it was so cool.


  7. arrrggghhh~ i wanna go to the so many "ice cream" there...

    ur finger stuck in ur nose? aiyo... really really 駝衰家 la~

  8. keenyee .. u'll love it esp the parade thing... the atmosphere was great....

    wayne .. yup yup.. how can we not move our body when they r playing those samba salsa music rite? fast fast come back la woooiiiii..

    bong .. that was part of the dance STUNT ;p

    leu .. eat so much ice cream .. fat ahhhh LOL

  9. 哗~沙滩很多东西gap wo~

  10. chrisiew .. 飽到不能消化。肚子到現在還是很大。哈哈。

  11. 酱多冰淇淋,真是晒黑都值得了

  12. karen .. too much ice cream no good for health ;p

    tagnan .. which part? ;p

    shinji .. no more liao la.. now teriyaki roasted chicken

  13. maybe I should learn dancing from you! Free ke? :P

  14. freedom .. i got free pass if u want to try :)

  15. Free pass? Means I can join the class for free? :P

  16. those 10 days pass lo... u want?

  17. me not in KL now la. See how la. Thanks anyway. So sweet of you. :)


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