Monday, June 29, 2009

Strike A Pose !

I once worked with a photographer for a fashion event. Not sure who appointed him, but i really got shocked while working with him. We were assigned at the reception counters, where we have to take the pictures of celebrities and guests before they entered the hall. As usual, the celebrities will normally just stand there and strike a simple and nice pose. Not too over, but 'TRENDY'. ( Just like those pictures in tabloids and fashion magazines. )

Apparently, i think this photographer is not used to taking pictures for a trendy event. So whenever the celebs step in front of the photo-op backing, he'll request them to give him a SUPER LAME pose. And i am very PANTANG with this pose ~

" big smile and TWO THUMBS UP !!! "

我們是在做時尚派對,又不是在賣泰國香米或著是tongkat ali coffee。

FYI, i am not very good in posing when taking pictures. Normally i'll just stand there and show my standard face.;p
( But at least i know how to make myself looks better with certain poses. )



  1. 看來那個photographer真的很爛一下.

  2. Thumbs up pose? Not that I pantang it, just don't like. Cute pose also not suit me lo, since people nowadays said I have MATURE look; How am I gonna be cute wo? Those jumping pose also OUT!! My standard pose, just stand and strike my smile...

  3. most of the time i will only do simple and standard pose so that (1) i look slim (2) i look vogue.. but there are times when i'm trying to make fun, by immitating someone elses, that i will do some unexpected pose - i'm good at parody also, kakaka.. :D

  4. once i warn my friend when taking pic......"do that thumb thing again, and i'll break it!"
    some of my friends, over the years I manage to get rid their cutie do the V thing lah... and I always tell them, "want to take photo with me?? can, but you need to imagine you pose for Vogue cover magazine"

  5. 拍照自然就好,不会刻意摆post!:)

  6. 凡人 .. 真的有夠吐血。哈哈。

    keenyee .. i'm sure u know how to present urself well... always play the guy next door card huh?

    sk .. show us next time.. since i dun we we took any pics together...LOL

    paul .. m sure u know how to direct for such vogue cover shot. oh come one.. make love to the camera... ooo..ahhh...LOL..;p

    bao .. its not that i dun want to be posey.. its just i du feel nice doing that :)

  7. haha~ maybe can try "kuang mei yun" de "s" pose :P

  8. LOL, you make my day~ ;) *two thumbs up for you* (not for photograph session no worries LOL)

  9. ohh have no idea how many time the camera has orgams when i pose for photo shooting wet all over the floor!

  10. 叫啲celebrities and guests做一字马或拱橋, 肯定出晒位, 影爆相机.. lol

  11. 我不会摆pose的,可能是缺乏自信的原因,而且身体僵硬。

  12. leu .. i prefer 小S's "S" shape lo..;p

    freedom .. cash i ask for money instead of two thumbs ? LOL

    paul . i pity the kakak who is going to clear the venue...LOL

    chris .. 你以為慈善籌款啊?還拱橋咧。哈哈。

    karen .. 自然最美,不必搞醬多東西。

  13. Playing guy next door card? Am I? I think apparently I have to switch to play uncle next door card lo.

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  15. I always like natural pose with natural it is will depend on my mood. Immediate pose without preparation is the most natural pose

    Sometimes the mood is naturally good for simple smile and simple pose which make me being photogenic ...sometimes this mood does not appeal. The natural mood seems dwindling with my ages !

  16. keenyee .. make sure u always bring along some goldfish wo... baru macam 金魚佬 maa...LOL

    jasin .. totally agree.. we shld pose according to the mood, the feel, the venue...and definitely the AGE...:)

  17. 太刻意只会弄巧反拙。自然就好,更显高贵。


  18. i do what pose oso not nice geh...

  19. wayne .. ya lah ya lah.. u Mr ( almost) NATURAL...LOL

    justin .. u can do those high-tech yoga pose maa... very edgy..:)

  20. *GASP*!! then did those guests and celebs actually follow his instruction??? LOL

  21. to my surprise.. got loh.. those bodoh bodoh punye celebs lo... dunno how to present themselves oso..sigh ;(


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