Thursday, June 18, 2009


Madrid 1 :

The minute i stepped in the Madrid airport, i was attracted by it's interior. Very minimal and simple ... with a lot of 'industrial' elements. The check-in counter, the roof lighting, and even the toilets. And the color combination is very refreshing yet stylish. 命中注定工廠命。哈哈。

Then we checked in to the hotel along Gran Via ( the main road in the city ). A very typical old Spanish building with balcony for each room. Very class like that. The location is so strategic that we are surrounded by all the fashion boutiques and restaurants. Zara and H&M is just across the road. Absolutely convenient for me..:) 那幾天,我進那些店還多過我上廁所的次數。
Me posing a la rich people at the balcony...;p

Went to have a look at those historical and famous buildings again. And stopped by the park to rest. It was a sunny and breezy day. A lot of people in the park doing picnic, or just sit under the tree reading.

A building near Mayor's Plaza. Can you see if there is something wrong?

今天重頭戲 :我看見巨雞

Prostitution is quite normal in Madrid. You can see the ladies standing by the lanes ( along Gran Via ) waiting for their potential clients. They start their business as early as 6pm. All sorts of sizes and shapes available. And i am so 'LUCKY' to be approached by one of them. She saw me passed by, smile to me and said : NI HAO. I looked at her, smile back and walked away. I think she is seriously desperate for business. WHY????

重點來囉 :
A 180cm-tall-European-Big lady trying to get hook to a 165cm-short-Asian. Funny rite?
想想看。如果一個165cm敢敢去上180cm,有沒有像我們俗稱的 :細路喳大車????哈哈。


  1. 細路揸大車都唔緊要, 最怕係大佛坐小蓮啫, 到時真係辣手摧花囉~~ 哈哈哈哈!! :D

  2. 165上180,Wayne他在讲你啊!!LOL~!!!

  3. sk .. 好句!好句。果然是大師!!!

    shinji .. i used to have a 163cm who dated a 180cm... you know? wonder how what was the feelings.....hahaha

  4. 喷饭中。。。
    180cm是相当难上,一般人高攀不上。 哈哈。。


  5. wat? u juz 165? but nvr lar~
    pic u look tall mai ok lor =p
    i dun think she was desperate for business, i think she is desperate on u~ haha..
    "大佛坐小蓮" tat is so funny!!! haha...

  6. wayne .. ya worr... maybe she love to challenge herself with new things..;p

    chrisiew .. huh? my pics look like i got 170cm meh? LOL

  7. 可能你有金龟的样!哈哈

  8. OMG!! (Oh My GaGa)

    beautiful architecture!!

  9. tony .. 你是想兜個大圈說我有‘龜‘樣是不是?;p

    queen .. nice rite :) how i wish i am living in studio apartment with those interior....:)))

  10. 哈哈哈。。关起灯就一样了啦。

  11. got one got one... just try hug one 170cm and one 145cm... see got different or not? LOL

  12. tony ,, its a free world.. say what u want to say :)

  13. Er...that pic...the left half looks like a painting lo, is it? Posing under the sun, now I know why kena sunburnt. 165 vs 180? No need lawan also know sure kalah la..maybe the prostitute tired with huge stuff...wanna try something small ler..keke..

  14. oooi.. apa small small? i got BIGGGGGGGGGGGG mouth la...LOL ;p


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