Saturday, September 15, 2012

i am normal.

I was waiting for my class outside the studio then saw my friend ( the one who pointed out my obviously obvious love-handle ). As usual, being a "friendly" person, he came to talk to me.

Him : Eh, i think among all instructor, you are the most normal one.
          ( while pointing at the male dance instructor inside the studio )

Me : Normal? Why?

Him : Cos when you dance, it's nice. Not like them, looked so sluttish.

Me : YOU TAKE THAT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eh, you have to hurt me very week issit?
         Last week you say i got huge love handle. This week you say i'm normal.
        What's next week huh? ;p

FYI, i've been working very hard all these years to build/ establish my brand - as a SEXY, BITCHY and SLUTTY dance instructor. And now he is telling me that i am not slutty enough, or worse .. I AM NORMAL???!!!!
Just curious. What kind of branding are you trying to create for yourself?


  1. Replies
    1. thats how u sell yourself issit? ;p

  2. Me ? Classy, high-power and elegant.


    Perhaps you should pump up the volume, and let him have a taste of your brands.


    1. hmm .. i can see you already achieved 2 out of 3 of your brands :)

  3. No mah... maybe you memang normally abnormal loh, so when you being yourself... *insert* vorgue or anything you want... your friends will think that you are normal mah... what if you went to work tiba-tiba all proper and serious then you jadi abnormal pulak... =PPP

    1. true true ..
      cos when i'm serious or friendly .. ppl will think that i'm not happy or depressed ..:(

  4. i am also a bit abnormal. i like to hang out at the airport. the cafes there, the restaurants...i go there to make friends. i have made a lot of friend at the airport throughout the years. they are all nice people. although they are very one day, i met this guy who's a Korean. I said Hi, because were both at starbucks, sipping coffee by ourselves. I was hoping to hear his sexy Korean accent when suddenly he sais, 'Hi, apa kau nak?? tak gheti dok diam?'. I cried.


    1. that starbucks story .. kesian ..

      but why airport? tak jauh meh?
      kl sentral tak leh ke? ;p


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