Tuesday, November 13, 2012

poke me. poke me not.

Been sick for few days. Cough and flu, and on and off fever. Last night felt so warm, beh tahan already, went to the clinic. Fever 39.4 degree. I told the doctor i must work today, and requsted her to give me some injection for quick recovery.

I think she is a very good doctor, cos she describe everything to the patient ( so that we are prepared for any reaction ) ...

" Ok, i'm going to inject the needle in .... "
" Now i'm going to push in the medicine slowly. You should feel some kind of pressure ... "
" Done. "

I was so the pekcheck when she told me what she's doing. I don't want to know. Just let me know when it's done. ;p
Do you want the doctor to tell you everything?

a) you are ok with needles, and no problem witnessing the whole procedure
b) you are ok with needles, just have to look away during the procedure
c) you are afraid of needles

I'm type C B ( obviously i was under so much of medication when i posted it ;p ). You?

BTW, i'm feeling much better now. :)
But still not 100% well la.. still canceling some classes. :(


  1. A. Have been through worse mar.

  2. hahaha, I dislike when GP saying every single step he's doing on me,

    It's not like sex when I can enjoy it, hahahaha

    1. haha .. so u like 'do n tell' in bed la? lol ;p

  3. I am a B type..
    but long time never got injection..

    1. i'm actually oso B .. typed wrongly cos too stoned ;p

  4. Danny, must not work so hard. Take good care of your health.

    Yes, I am afraid of needles too.

    1. it's the peak season...need to rush everything la..
      will rest whenever i can :)


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