Sunday, November 11, 2012


I used to play a lot of lame jokes on my friends and colleagues.

Joke 1 :
We were having a small instructor meeting in the studio. At the end of thee meeting, the chairperson ( which is my close friend ) said , " OK guys, let get rolling. " Everyone stood up and walked to the door except me, cos i was 'rolling' on the floor. ;p

Joke 2 :
By now you all should know that i don't look friendly when i have no expression on my face. That's this new guy in my department. Maybe cos i'm his superior, he is slightly afraid of me. One day, at 6pm, he told me , " Err Danny, if nothing else, i'll make a move first. "
I said " Ok. "
So he stood up, pushed in his chair in, and then i said " You've made your move. Now sit down. " ;p

Joke 3 :
One of my colleague called me on the phone, checking for some info. Half way thru, she said " Hang on a minute, i need to ... "
I said " Where? "
She's a bit blurr, " What? "
I said " Where? "
She said " What where? "
I said " You asked me to hang. So hang where? "
She hung up the phone. LOL ;p

Do you have any lame ( clean ) jokes to share?
Happy new week everyone. :)

 ( I am hanging .. i am hanging ... )


  1. oh, i got one, that really pisses off the female colleagues.
    whenever i see a drop of blood on the floor, i would be asking out loud ''siapa punya libresse bocor ni?''..
    for some reason, there's always blood stain on our office floor.

    1. always got blood? ur office got bat issit? ;p

  2. Haha, Danny...maybe you can also become stand-up comedian as well.

    1. maybe ... like those stand up diva doing talk ;p


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