Wednesday, November 28, 2012

fat and bald.

When i'm shopping the malls, there's a few person that i would like to avoid ~ the promoter from perfume counter and staff from credit card kiosk. But the they are not as worse as the following 2 ..

promoter for weight lost and hair growth shop.

I think it's agreeable that both the above send some not so positive message huh?
But which is the worst if they approach you?

" Weight lost OR hair growth ? "

I think weight lost is worse lo.

Can you imagine both of them approach you at the same time? lol ;p


  1. hair loss is unavoidable

    being fat is a choice

    1. thats y i choose to force myself to stay 'not fat' ;p

  2. anti-acne and facial products, lol...but the point is, my face isn't that bad what....sien lo..or maybe i tipu myself, haha!

    1. but i think both are still not that bad kan? :)

  3. Replies
    1. yeah .. i know u dun hv the weight problem. jelesnyerrrr ;p


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