Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I posted some entries regarding my weird and overly-creative dreams a few times already. But i think none of them is a FREAKY as the new one.

In my dream ...
I was shopping at Pavilion. Walk walk walk. Then went to the lower floor to look for someone. Who? You might ask. I went in a shop and walked straight to the fitting room and knocked the door. Asking the person inside the cubicle if the pants is ok.
Now comes the FREAKY part...
The door opened, and i saw myself walking out from the cubicle! It was me in the cubicle!!! Then 'i' ask 'me' if i look nice in that pants!!! Please take note! He is not my twins, he is Me myself! Cos twins is 2 person! But me and i are the same person!!!!
( sorry ya? i have to use exclamation mark all the way right after he opened the dorr. cos its too freaky liao...;p )

( got this super VOGUE mask from Petaling Street, and i'm loving it !!! )


  1. wow that is so vogue, looks like 黃夏惠 lor!!! hahaha~~

  2. 啊~很恐怖哩。。是不是睡前穿着新买的裤子在照镜子?

  3. 应该是你自己太自恋了吧!!!日有所思、夜有所梦。。。

  4. hmmm.... ????
    I'm not fortune teller nor Lilian Too nor Joey Yap...
    So could not help you to explain why you have this dream. Maybe it's because you fall in love with yourself ... :p oh~ you can ask Anton and Grandma for some explanation... :p

    Anyway, dude, it's just a dream...

  5. You don't think too much la, nothing one la the dream. And again, the mask looks..... Vogue..... but weird also...... LOL. You really have fetish of mask one hor?

  6. maybe its abt time u r warning urself to go diet?

  7. sk .. vogue kan? u want? can wear it once a while when u r tired of being pretty...lol ;p

    karen .. comb haor b4 sleep got la.. where got ppl try pants b4 sleep one? hahaha :))

    lesly .. i think so la.. cos everything is about me... me.. and MEEEEEEEEEEEEE ;p

  8. tz .. i know its just a dream la.. but just very curious.. cos nvr heard of anyone dreamt about them meeting themselves in the dream...:))

    freedom .. fetish? no la.. but got a few pcs of nice nice masks la.. and oso wearing one all the while what... my face is fake.. ;p

    l .. weight issue? which part ahh? i've achieved my targeted weight.. so no probs la..:)

  9. 你内心有两个你.一个vogue,一个更vogue...
    the blush on ur mask can me brighter and scarier. haha

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  11. wayne .. wah wah wah .. u onli talk gd things abt me on ur birthday horr..;p

    bong .. i think no one can resist such vogue mask.. u want one? ;))

  12. Simply loved your lipstick~ hehehe

    Alwiz top half pics, mana bottom half? :P

  13. ant .. oo.. u like the color huh? its from Chanel..LOL ;p
    bottom half? still in renovation.. wait for the grand opening la LOL ;p

  14. Where u wanna do the grand opening? Sure I'll come to support. :)

  15. ky .. make sure u bring along some flower basket worr.. white rose would be nice ;p

  16. wow!!! ur lips bcome double BIGGER!!!

  17. chrisiew .. and more kissable? LOL ;p


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