Saturday, October 24, 2009

One stick KILL all?

Remember the earlier post about the 'tudung-ed' lady complaining about not being touched? Well, i just saw a new comment by a new visitor, which obviously felt insulted about the content. I believe that it was a she, and she COMMENTED :
housewife9988 said...
hello danny
u wrote no touch the body is well written n said but how come you end up with desperate housewife out there LOL... I tell you not all housewife as u thought.. not one stick can kill all housewives... just beware of your so called sentence Leh.. hehehee..
more respect housewives.. ur mother no housewife? ur wife to be can be 200% no need to do house work... ah cheheheh..

October 24, 2009 10:18 PM

Danny said...
9988 .. hello.. welcome :)

this post is just one of the story about those che-che / housewives in my class.. BUT, if you read the rest of my OLDER posts about them.. u'll know how much i adore and salute them.. their charisma, attitude and sporting-ness..:)) so, NOT ONE STICK CAN KILL ALL... do you agree? :))

oh ya.. u r rite.. my mum is not a housewife :) thanks for asking :))

October 24, 2009 11:37 PM

I don't mean to be rude, but i think we all ( i am constantly REMINDING myself ) should always think twice or at least get all the necessary infos before jumping into conclusion. Do you agree?
( There, Madam housewife, i helped promoting your blog. Hahaha )



  1. beware of aunties, maternal instinct is just too scary sometimes. btw, pls clarify to housewife9988 that ur 'future wife' wont be a housewife. haha

  2. wayne .. ah boi ah.. not all are like that one la.. ' dun kill all with one stick'.. ok? ;p
    and yeah... very funny ;p

  3. Everybody needs to lighten up! Ms. housewife, I'm sure danny meant no malice. Stay sweet, stay kewl ya!^_^

  4. housewife, life is short, take it easy n have fun, k? n dun 对号入座, alrite.. ^^

    of course, i also wont pull others' family member in the topic cause i dun like my family get involve too..

    but if the person do, i'll pay back u in 100X.. (dun play play)^_^*

  5. walao... din see u help me promote my blog aso. :P

  6. anton .. i think maybe she is too serious for my blog.. cos i'm sure u all shld know by now.. that i onli talk nonsense here :))

    eunice .. hehe.. i think we r of the same attitude le.. cos i oso got another life motto : u no moon, i full moon.. 你做初一,我做十五。

    bong .. u never step my tail oso.. u try step la... then i promote ur blog... deal? ;p

  7. LOL... Are you sure that fella not retarded or something??

  8. She probably felt offended, but could've rephrased the words and be more polite. Constructive criticism/comment is always better and more likely to be accepted.

  9. twilight .. oh no no no.. i dun think so la.. i think she is just a bit sensitive to see the word 'desperate' next to ' housewives'.. got allergy

    legolas .. different people got different acceptance level la.. cos when i tease my members in the gym.. the love it so much.. especially i call them ' desperate housewives'..:)) i dun mind the comment.. but only 1 thing la.. ( paragraph in chinese )

  10. hmmm... dude, you will promote blog when the person step on your tail... you have tail for people to step? blek~

  11. i agree, should not involved the family when u wanna argue or laser others...

  12. tz .. got maa.. u dun have meh? its just that not at the back.. or.. u sudah POTONG kah? lol ;p

    l .. kan? thats the basic 101 of laser etiquette .. ;)

  13. 莫非你成为咗师奶杀手?

  14. chris .. yeah.. maybe i accidentally 'killed' her.. in a bad way ;p


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