Monday, October 19, 2009

Touch my body !

( This is a story from CK, a yoga & pilates instructor. Sorry arr CK, put you on stage this time ;p )

Me & CK were talking in the gym and then the manager came to us and said :

" Eh CK, got one member complained about you lah. She said you DIDN'T TOUCH her! " We were laughing like hell cos that's really funny and original.

Now i heard of lots of different reasons why a member complained. But this is the first time i heard for such reason. According to CK, she is a new member in the class. So he didn't g and adjust her posture like what he did to other member. Cos scared later she is not comfortable with that ma.. Furthermore, she is a TUDUNGed Malay lady. Where can simply touch? Later kena tangkap Pak Haji.. kena potong... DIE lah...;p

So i told CK, next time when she join the class, just grab her ass and move it around. Kasi dia syiok kau-kau. LOL ;p

I thought that those che-ches in my class in quite 'desperate', tak sangka there is actually more 'Desperate housewife' out there LOL ;p



  1. LOL!!! That's a funny one...

    Tell u what, they can be very nasty on bed...

    I bet CK sure look hot so the malay lady wanted him to put his hand on her.. I soooo wanna see her reaction!!

  2. ur gym member very geng time must get me join in ur class...

  3. 装什么身娇肉贵,碰一下会少块肉吗? haha, 听说你瘦得很快wo... cograts..

  4. Hmmm.....may be i should play 'touch my body' dat songs then announce that "girls/ ladies, i m coming to touch your body ya...."

  5. seriously lor, who dares to touch those tudung-ed people wor, really kena tangkap and potong jau die lo. LOL.

    Anyway, touching need to see who la, but you weird one, who touches you also cannot. :P

  6. Ask her to do a Mariah Carey and then she will be touched.

  7. hehehe... my pilate instructor touch me too.. :p if not touching how to adjust the posture.

    But i never know nowadays tundunged lady so aggressive... CK must be damn handsome eh~

  8. 越是密實的人就越是假正經..
    其實人家碰我的時候, 我也會蠻不自然的..

  9. hahaha...then next time u go to touch her lo!!

  10. haha... well, depends how much i like tat person lo... if someone i dislike, of coz i wont let them touch me at all~

  11. 我不喜欢别人打我的肩膀。有次老板遇见我,打我的肩膀(打招呼),我就脸黑黑给他看。

  12. Hm...I think depends on occasion and venue lo. If during class, I don't mind if instructor touch me to correct my posture. If during clubbing, touch me all over baby!!! Haha...

  13. jerry .. sometimes their request or action can be shocking as well horr? tak sangka, ppl like that.. so daring

    paul .. then what? u pose like Ms Carey from the beginning of class till the end? hahahaha

    wayne .. not lansi.. just dun feel comfortable with body contact... got slim a bit la.. but now have to work harder to maintain lo...bila mau keluar makan?

  14. ck .. u shld ask everytime u about to touch.. let her malu and fed-up .. then maa won't ask anymore lo :)

    freedom .. sometimes i think tudung is not their choice...:)... btw, m not weird.. just anti social ;p

    legolas .. sekali that she got addicted lee.. how? everyday oso do the Carey pose...

  15. tz .. u can check out the previous entry.. CK was one of my HOOKERFAV...:))

    sk .. meaning i am a very serious person kan? cos i never feel like cover up... die die oso want to show off...LOL

    daydream .. not my member la.. but if me, i oso tak kuasa to go touch her.. i know i know.. i shld buy those plastic hand from Halloween then touch her using that...hahahahahaha

  16. l .. then how the person know if u like or not lerrr?

    mr teh .. so u got same issue as me la.. but u dun like bcos of what reason? i dun like cos i feel shorter after being pressed by their shoulder..LOL ;p

    ky .. ur conclusion is... u r so TOUCHABLE la... just the matter of either touch certain area or all access la...kan? kan? kan? ;p

  17. 马来人的话



  18. Hahaha.....may be next time i should set the attire for the class...those who wish to be touch must wear something which indicate " I m itchy but not yet horny" then that will bring my attention to 'touch' kakakaka....

  19. my fav instructor once push me down from behind in body pump class in squat salah kan?

  20. chileong .. maybe we both oso got a bit of human contact phobia...;p

    ck .. next time before class just ask them fill up application form la.. those who want to be touched.. can submit lo...;p

    paul .. salah bcos of the position or bcos the timing tak betul? ;p

  21. touch me touch me... !!!!

  22. tagnan .. not me la.. u so desperate meh? put one big poster stand in front of pavilion la.. sure ur dream will come true one ;p

  23. hello danny
    u wrote no touch the body is well written n said but how come you end up with desperate housewife out there LOL... I tell you not all housewife as u thought.. not one stick can kill all housewives... just beware of your so called sentence Leh.. hehehee..
    more respect housewives.. ur mother no housewife? ur wife to be can be 200% no need to do house work... ah cheheheh..

  24. 9988 .. hello.. welcome :)

    this post is just one of the story about those che-che / housewives in my class.. BUT, if you read the rest of my OLDER posts about them.. u'll know how much i adore and salute them.. their charisma, attitude and sporting-ness..:)) so, NOT ONE STICK CAN KILL ALL... do you agree? :))

    oh ya.. u r rite.. my mum is not a housewife :) thanks for asking :))


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