Monday, October 12, 2009

Teach me how to SUFFER ?

After class, 2 members ( A & B ) came to me.

Member A : Danny, do you know if there's any studio teaching suffer ahh? My eldest son want to learn lah.

Me : Err... ( processing ) That one i don't know la. If he wants to learn Hip hop or Latin then i can introduce lah.

Member A : No worr.. he and his classmates only interested in suffer. What is that actually. Maybe next us you teach us suffer lah.

Me : Haha.. sorry lorr.. i dunno worr. OK lah, see you two next week. Bye.

還是你和Member B一樣,聽到‘八只耳‘?

Imagine i am talking to the members at the beginning of the class :

Hi everyone, welcome to Dance Mania.
I am Danny. Are you ready to suffer?

So SALAH kan? ;p


  1. I am Danny. Are you ready to fornicate?

    Sure many enquiries one. lolz

  2. Actually what is the SUFFER that member A mean???

  3. huh?? what is she trying to say?? what teaching suffer and learning suffer??

  4. It's shuffle right? Use the feet to walk on the floor without lifting your legs. Danny ah, learn that, it must be interesting to see you shuffle in the class. LOL.

  5. shuffle shuffle...
    not suffer~!!!!

  6. come, i got teach...

    let me prepare my candle and leather belt 1st....hehehe

  7. suffer or shuffle?
    Senang lo, pass her son to me if he wanna learn suffer. I'll give him a real good lesson!!!

  8. haha.. nice blog .. nice to surf into this

  9. ant .. i am so ready to spank u.. dun lah say those things here... ppl malu one la ;p

    lelsy & sk .. got 8 eras or not? actually i was holding myself so that i won;t burst out laughing while talking to

    freedom .. manyak pannai oohhh.. u drink Enfagrow one ahh? ;p i know shuffle a bit la... but not very pro.. and i totally HATE their costumes... so lala ;p

  10. keo .. u oso manyak pannai ..;p next time do some music for shuffling purpose punye lah.. donchi donchi donchi..

    l .. i dun hv to use any props to make him suffer... just show my face i think he oledi suffering...;p

    ky .. i think after she pass her son to u.. she herself will suffer ;p

    leon .. tqtq.. free free come sit more la :) cheers

    lil' dove .. that was totally the O.S. in my heart while talking to her ;p

  11. waaah.... she really wanna see her son suffer ah?

  12. waaah.... she really wanna see her son suffer ah?

  13. shuffle shuffle... i always like to listen uncle and auntie speak Ing-Gle-lish... They are just too creative. be glad that u deal with 国宝 all the time, lots of thing to learn. haha

  14. teach them some crazy moves,
    torture them~ kakaka....

  15. bong .. dunno le. ;p

    wayne .. ya worr.. next time i introduce them to you.. then u guys can talk fesen and micheal jackshen.
    lol ;p

  16. chrisiew .. i always torture them.. from the very beginning of the class.. my warm up routine is quite torturing to some of them ...wanna try ? ;p

  17. 我?要我试?
    你是想在你blog招募新会员huh? :s

  18. chrisiew .. online registration la.. i dun mind ;p


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