Sunday, November 22, 2009


如果為了要讓自己更fit,就很快的戒掉所喜愛的飲品( coke & 100 plus ),人家說我定力夠。

I don't think that i am an EMO person, cos i don't like the feeling of sad and down. So i choose to be optimistic cos i don't want to waste my time over something that is already happened and too late to do anything. But sometimes people will think that i am a bit too optimistic that it became DENIAL ( 逃避 ).
Why must we cry when we fall?
Why can't we just stand up and keep walking?

Do you really think that i'm IN DENIAL?


  1. you always is Gaga Danny ;p

  2. It's possible to stay positive, but when you're SUPPOSED to be down, but you still remain happy, that's denial.

    Maybe you think you can CONTROL the feelings, but that's because you haven't met the "touching point". Once you do, you'll breakdown.

    But everything has exceptional case though. Maybe you're just plain happy go lucky?

  3. Different strokes for different folks! (and I dun mean that kind of stroke!:P)

    We juz deal with situations in a different and diverse manner. It's juz not to go too extreme when faced with any situation. We need to acknowledge the situations, remedy if necessary and move on.

  4. Haha... No doubt that when getting older, I'm getting Emo... I damn missed my time where always happy go lucky de!!!

  5. 你不是無情和冷血﹐只是有 + thinking...
    u dont like ur feeling of sad...i thin most of the time tat men is like tat.u r no denial anything .but u just used another way to thin,rite?
    cry...i thin most of the time,girl will cry cos manja mah.wan somebody love her...

  6. Totally agree with you. Everyone should move on and not stay still. Save the emo, search for happiness.

  7. i totally agree with u~ let's stand up and head for the future instead of being a cry baby and stomping ur leg

  8. 那是牺牲某些, 得到一些, 物物交换.
    冷血无情? 太夸张了.

  9. Quote:
    "Why must we cry when we fall?
    Why can't we just stand up and keep walking?"

    I did cry when i fall, tears shed because we have emotions, But... very soon i'll breathe, walk and smile again :)

  10. 戒口系一件好辛苦嘅事, 我都明白你感受. 真系好难忍.

  11. 100+一点点,再加水,是很好的饮料。不需要真的戒掉100+啦。

  12. 当人放弃某种东西,就是逃避咯~
    也真是逃避之人也 :)

  13. Being optimistic and denial are totally different thing. But I think it's good to be optimistic, at least that is what I'm trying to do as well.
    Don't care what people say. Stay vogue ok...

  14. tagnan .. abang.. GAGA sudah over la.. now back to myself liao...:))

    freedom .. i sure have my melting moments.. but most of the time i choose to forget it and move on :)

    ant .. i think i can control my emotions better nowadays.. cos more matured liao ma...;p

  15. lesly .. oo? then we are totally opposite lorr.. add oil then :))

    stacey .. dun get me wrong.. but i LOVE to cry... but most of the time i cried becoz i'm touched.. not sad :))

    legolas .. i love to mix around with positive thinking ppl... free free come out yamcha la.. to gte more + energy ... LOL

  16. l .. its gd oso to act like a baby some time la... but must control a bit lorr ;)

    single .. cos most ppl's mind set is .. sad = cry.

    sherry .. u go girl !! its time for us to do the annual xmas gathering liao.. u wanna organize? ;p

  17. chris .. i think i'll do anything.. just to look good...LOL

    mr teh .. no la.. i think i felt healthier with just drinking plain water :)

    chrisiew .. err.. dif ppl dif thinking lor.. but there's some truth in what u said.. i agree :)

    ky .. i sudah macam ini.. kalau nak jadi emo.. u ppl lagi tak payah jumpe i.. i kurung aje dalam rumah...hehe


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