Tuesday, November 10, 2009

That's not my NAME !!!

Honestly, is it very difficult to pronounce my surname ~ HWANG ( as in huang 黃 )? Cos i get very annoyed when people call me something else, especially when i've already corrected them.

Last week, an Indian lady from some hotel promotion department called :

Her : Hello, can i speak to Mr hwEEng? ( Malaysian with mat Salleh accent ;p )

Me : Sorry? Who? ( purposely )

Her : Mr HwEEng XX.

Me : It's Hwang. You are?

Her : Oh Mr HwEEng. I am calling from..bla bla bla.. Mr HwEEng, we will upgrade you...bla bla bla...So Mr HwEEng, are you interested to.....?

You say lah.. geram tak?

And there's this Malay lady lagi funny. I think she got cock-eyed or she doesn't know how to pronounce HWANG, so she pamdai-pandai 'sinka-ly' change the H to A... and call me Encik Awang... Encik Awang niii.. Encik Awang tuu..... Uhhh.. I felt like slapping her !!!

( One of my favorite song, from on of my favorite band )
Maybe i should play this song to them every time she pronounce wrongly..can?

What is your reaction when someone called your name wrongly?
And when they still call the same after you corrected them?


  1. LOL, Awang! 你割佐未啊?

  2. First thing that came to mind: Can I speak to... err... Mr. WhEEng? (as in whang)

    Excuse me.

  3. may be they didn't wear glasses, keep on remind them the pronounce lor, for me, hwang = huang lah, how come become awang leh?

  4. i will correct them until the pronounce the correct one b4 i let them say any other things~

  5. hahaha... Mr. Awang... i wondered what the Malay and Indian lady will call me :p


  6. Haha, people always called me Mr. Tee, and write my surname as Tey or The, but the correct should be TEH. Never mind lor, as long as i know they are referring to me.

  7. My first name "Soo" should be pronounce as "Sue" but everybody other than Chinese (Mat Saleh/Malays/Indians) all like to pronounce it as "Soh".. #%^^&^%@#$#.. correct liao still the same. I also give up liao.

  8. Stay kewl ya, Mr. WeeWangWang!

  9. 除非对方是我的朋友,不然的话我是不会有什么太大的反应咯……


  10. 我打电话给客人,我会说"我姓萧"
    而通常他们都会称呼我为"萧小姐" @.@"

  11. Hellow, Mr HWeeng~ lol~ i think you belong to the big mouth creatures too =P

  12. haha....understand ur feeling...
    next time u put ur nickname lo...so they all didnt pronounce ur wrong name again lo...

  13. Whenever I intro myself, sure people will like "Huh...what..this and that?" Gotta repeat few times for people to get my name correctly. But seldom of them pronounce it wrongly lo, simple name ma. Sabar ya, Mr. Awang..

  14. 我朋友只会写错我的名




  15. these ppl obviously never know what is BAKU.

    i get a lot as well. but mostly from cina ppl. cuz cina ppl never study BAKU kan, so they dunno how to pronounce "zh_ _" like... it's just the same as aZan... and they read it like.. CHan... -.-"

  16. ur response should be " i m Ms. Hwang, not Mr. Hwang". the concern should be on the prefix instead of surname pronunciation. haha..

    mari dinner with shinji someday since i have got a job

  17. i'm fine if people pronounce my name wrongly, but not everytime after many times of correction lor.. addressing somebody correctly is actually respecting people.. haiz, that telemarketer, ask her to go home and sleep lah..

  18. Next time Grandma remove the dentures and call you Wank! Wank!... LOL

  19. freedom .. that one out liao la.. the latest one is... CUT CUT CUT... CUT UR HEAD LA ;p

    legolas .. dunno la .. to me its an offense.. :)

    single .. thats y i said she SINKA-ly change my surname lo..

  20. l .. i was waiting for my cue to talk.. cos she kept explaining abt the promotion..;(

    tz .. whats ur surname? very hard to pronounce one meh? ;)

    mr teh .. see? i so clever.. cos all the while oso i call u Mr Teh.. pannai horr? ;p

  21. karen .. thats y u put Karen? i think thats the main reason i introduce myself as Danny.. cos not only my surname hard to pronounce.. my full name as well :P

    ant .. say that again and i'll put poison in ur soup next time we meet up ;p

    choocolate .. dunno la.. maybe i'm a bit more sensitive on names.. :))

  22. chrisiew .. means ur voice very high pitch lorr? wow.. can do all those mariah carey songs...LOL

    ian .. i'm always in that category maa.. whole asia knows about it ;p

    stacey .. i prefer ppl call me danny than mr hwang or my name lo :)

  23. ky .. probably cos ur name cos too may EEEE.. next time just introduce as Mimi ke.. Bobo ke... LOL ;p

    chileong .. i tot u all can suggest some tips tim...;p

    bong .. there's once i was at the reception counter.. and this chinese guy came in : boleh saya jumpa encik Chakalia ( zakaria ).. i almost burst of laughing ;p

  24. wayne .. haha.. i just had dinner with shinji.. u ahh? next time lorr...;p

    sk .. thats y i always felt that its important to get the name right.. it means that we are pro and take him/her seriously..

    twilight.. u want like that meh? i thought it should be fweng fweng.. ( got wind one..LOL )

  25. Aiyo..those names sounds like those berdiri tepi jalan ler. More EE sounds more vogue ma...

  26. not really high pitch but sometimes calling customer hv to soften my voice, coz my senior said my voice sounds robotic :S

    MC song is insane, i m normal, i dun hv visal lor~

  27. Uncle,你的情况跟我一样……我以前的名叫舒慧,then,很多人叫我素慧。。。你讲,气不气人?==

  28. ky .. tepi jalan? u oso realize horr? ;p
    what about MeeMee, KeeKee, LeeLee.... LOL ;p

    chrisiew .. actually gd oso ma.. if got male customer maa can pretend a bit lorr? ;p

    rain .. i think that happens to Hokkien ppl mor eguarr.. like very fesen like that...LOL ;p


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