Thursday, November 12, 2009


It happened long time ago, when i was still working with some company. Every time the management send some email to EVERYBODY, everyone will receive it ... except me. Complained a few times to the I.T. department but still the same. My colleagues said that i am not in the EVERYBODY list cos i am NOBODY.
And normally i will just stare back at them and say :

" Jangan jealous, i am not everybody ... cos i am SOMEBODY! " ;p

Back to the issue, i really hate people that reply email to EVERYBODY, when the matter is just between him/her to the other person. Why must drag everyone in? Why must flood everyone's emails with their uninteresting stories?

What will you do when you received this type of mails?
I normally will write back to the sender and ask him/her to remove my name from the recipients' list .. before i go to him/her to remove it myself! ( And they know it will be really UGLY when i have to do so...hehehe ;p )


  1. I agree with GAGA! Just last week it happened when I replied the female manager after she sent an email to whole office blasting other departments for giving her a hard time. So I gave my own advice on how to tackle it. Mana tahu that CB bitch replied me and cc my email to all departments in 3 countries!!!!!!!!! Imagine how I screamed at that bitch with bird brain.

  2. Some ppl don really read mail and sensitive with the mail content... just CC and BCC copy to everyone in the company... Sigh~

  3. 我都msn的




    虽然是blog 是public的
    但我post 时

  4. We have to use to this situation... Everyone also CC here CC there... Just because they want to have a black & white which will cover up their own ass... Haha!!!

  5. oh yes, i hate those who love to use "Reply to All" button as if they have never used it before!! gosh, i get lots of such email, and well normally if i don't delete i'll just ignore and archived it somewhere i won't be able to see them again..

  6. and i especially hate those who "Reply to All" on chain mails.. come on, that's chain mail and there're lots of people in the list that you don't know.. please be considerate - this is spamming!!

  7. so danny, you want or don't want the EVERYBODY MAIL la? It sounds to me, you might miss out some messages at the first paragraph de? :P

  8. haha, ya wo~ but sometime on some conditions, everybody have to knw abt it... or they might blame u for not copy them in the email... corporate world is like tat de lo

  9. There was a time when my HR emailed EVERYONE to ask for staff punye kids IC. And one of my coll replied with the IC details to EVERYONE!!! Terlalu pandai kan...
    Normally I just ignore those emails. If too annoying, then I will ask the sender to remove me from list lo.

  10. that's something corporate when u try to cc ppl to drag them in as well as getting a witness, i guess. nothing we can do about that, i guess...

    guess u r really happy being self-employed now :)

  11. 有次我发email给供应商,投诉品质问题。那个供应商每次都是reply给我一个人的,尽管我有cc其他有关系要知道进展的人在list里面。

    刚好那次我会拿leave,就在email里注明会几天不在,要那个供应商记得reply to all,以便让我的同事知道结果,帮我跟进。

    结果在on leave的时候,同事call来说对方没回复。调查结果,对方没有reply to all,那他没办法。


  12. wahhhh twilight's case so drama... :P

  13. Not everybody is as intelligent as Gaga! ^_^

  14. I will shift+delete to permanently delete without reading it.
    Sometimes cannot tahan those people who like to copy their big big boss for the smallest issue.

  15. same thing happend to me too.
    but even i have complain to my boss lady the collague in china one also do samething. bek tahan!
    but wht can i do? however i always skype to her and remind her again again...

  16. twilight.. ok.. i'll make sure that iw on;t step in ur tail.. dun wanna try ur screaming act ;p

    tz .. it just show the level of their professionalism .. maybe that shld b considered during appraisal huh? ;p

    chileong .. sometimes what u wrote or sent just represent u.. i'll normally check twice before posting as well.. so that i won;t end up malu-ing myself ;p

  17. lesly .. i understand that part in the office la.. but what i really dun like is when its some discussion of what to eat, where to go, who is coming.. that kind of thing.. ( not work related )

    sk .. ooohh abang.. api banyak tinggi ohh.. cool down a bit.. we know we are more civilized than them :))

    freedom .. i dun really care.. cos my kepoh colleague will tell me anyway...LOL

  18. l .. if they deserved to know, then by all means.. if not, then i'll try to leave them alone.. no point flooding them with unnecessary mails :)

    ky .. kan baik if there's some punishment for those who simply forward or send mails to unrelated ppl.. i sure will be the 1st one to watch hehehe ;p

    wayne .. there's such thing a email record ma.. if they think the mail is important.. save it la.. :(

  19. mr teh .. ur supplier just want to have an EXCLUSIVE deal with u.. LOL

    bong .. ya worr.. the face is quite friendly.. but tak sangka....

    ant .. who? me? no la.. i'm not intelligent.. i just do whatever i need to do.. nothing more or less.:)

  20. karen .. those ppl are normally kiasi ppl la.. agree?

    piggy .. some ppl are just in ignorant all the while..sian ahh ;(


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