Thursday, December 20, 2012


Today is my 1st day back in the gym after the holidays. A bit tired ( cos not sleeping well, jet lag lagi kot? ) and too long didn't move my body. Reached the studio, straight away play the music and started dance... just dance. Saja nak gerakkan badan. Also need to choreograph step for the class ( yes, i normally do it very last minute ). Cos i think i perform better under pressure ( lol )

5 minutes before the class, a member came in. She is a Japanese housewife.

Her : Hello Danny. Long time no see.

Me : Hi there. Ya, i was away for holiday.

Her : I know bla bla your face bla bla . So i bla bla ( bla is something she said with Japanese accent which i don't understand )

Me : Huh? Sorry?

Her : I know bla bla. Blaaaaaaaaa.

Me : Err... haha. ( fake smile .. dunno how to response )

Then she walked away. Probably she knew that i am 'PR'ing with her.

You know, it's not easy to become a dance instructor in fitness centre. Cos you will 'attack' but members from all around the world. We always have to switch our channel to understand them. ;p

I got a Taiwanese  members who always said : Somesing ( something ) Sank you ( Thank you )
Also another Middle East lady who always said : i dunno ( i mean i dunno .. cos dun understand what she said at all ;p )

Here's some random pics from Amsterdam. This time takde muka i yang vogiu, so that you guys won't meluat menengok nyerr. ;p

View from the hotel's window - sunrise at Amsterdam 

scenery of a canal ( yang berlambak kat sana ;p )

'reban ayam' ( those with red lighting and curtains,  if you know what i mean ) .. i think ayam tengah off duty not ;p

tepi jalan .. Art? Saje?

jambatan ( also berlambak kat sana ;p )

boat houses parked along the canal .. i think it would be quite fun to live in those ( maybe for a day or two? ;p )

BTW, the CONTEST is still on. Fast-fast go put down your guesses. :)


  1. Haha, that's why you need to travel around the world to understand their culture.


    1. true also... but still got lots of places belum pergi la .. :)

  2. I like Amsterdam, love the way everyone cycled around town and their massive bicycle parking bay. By the way, the ayams in the reban are legal, didn't they stand in front of the windows in sexy lingeries when you walked pass? Didn't try one meh???

    1. yeah .. it is a relaxing city ..
      i know they are legal .. but i think the time i took the pic is quite early .. ayam tengah buat preparation kot ..
      and no tq .. they all besar balak... all bigger and taller than me ;p

  3. I'm thinking to let go Amsterdam, just go Switzerland and Italy... hmm, Amsterdam worth to visit?..

    1. depends on what u want to see lo .. :)
      which part of italy r u going?


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