Friday, December 14, 2012

work on holiday.

1st assignment in Berlin ~ go to major shopping centers and shops to check out their display ( kena buat survey/reference for future projects ). I think i like the display here compared to Paris/ London. Cos here looks less commercial. :)

It's a really pak cik on the couch ok? Not mannequin ;p

camwhore kat shopping centre.. i have to say that shopping in Berlin is more comfortable than in Madrid or London.. cos it's very welcoming even with the crowd :)

If you got the chance, please watch the show at Friedrichstadt Palast .. a bit like cabaret show.. with lot's of dance & dancers, singing, a bit of acting & stunts.. and some stunning costumes ( part of the costumes are designed by Christian Lacroix ) 7/10 for entertainment value. Can use some of the concept/ trick/ presentation for my future dance project. :)

At Checkpoint Charlie, where The Berlin Wall used to be. Sejuk gilerrr..

Some interesting pics in the coming post. Celebrity Reunion. :)


  1. I like the chilly red pants that you are wearing.

  2. its actually rusty orange la .. but looks so red against the black n white background.. haha :)

  3. You thin and tanned already~

    1. got thin meh? but luckily didn't gain any weight :)


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