Tuesday, June 19, 2012

morning glory.

It happened when i was in college.

I was supposed to get my passport done, but just realized the night before that i forgot to take photo for it. So the next morning, i woke up early and waited for the photo studio to open. Did the photoshoot and express printing lagi.

When the staff passed me the photos, he asked me a strange question ..

Him : You just woke up issit?

Me : Yeah. Why?

Him : No la. It's just your face...

I looked at my photo, OMG. My face was so tembam. It looked like some sponge with full water in it. Totally not vogiu at all. Luckily that passport expired years ago. Now my passport's picture is so vogiu. ;p

Do you have the same morning tembamness problem?
And it will last for how long before it disappear ( or till you are ready to be seen by others? )


  1. Your house no mirror is it? No leaving the house till all the "steps" (makeup) have been followed... =P

    1. i was still a lala then.. dunno how to be vogiu yet ;p

  2. Got.

    But then will always splash with water to make it fresh.


    1. fresher? ya la..
      but sometimes the tembamness is still there ma

  3. My face looks like a drunkard when I wake up.

    1. good way to start a morning..
      just tell every to buzz off.. cos u r 'hang over' ;p

  4. Replies
    1. yes.. unglory is the word :)


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