Thursday, July 2, 2009



If you are going for a trip, what is more VALUABLE to you, besides that you can shop till you drop...( or in this case, till I drop ;p )?

Taking loads of beautiful pictures OR having an unforgettable experiences?

If you ask me, i'll definitely go for the EXPERIENCE. Not sure why. Just felt that i enjoy sharing stories and experience than showing pictures.

Or maybe it's because i'm too tired of hearing people telling me to take beautiful pictures whenever i go travel. See.. don't you think that most of the pictures that we took during trip is more or less the same? Great Wall - if you go to Beijing, Eifel Tower - if you are in Paris or KLCC - if you are not local KL people la ..;p

I know that you might not agree with me. But that's just my personal opinion... an HONEST one.
But i still like to take pictures, only when i am attracted to it. :)

When my friends asked me why i didn't take lots of pictures of the famous item of that place... i normally will ask them to google it ... whatever picture you want.. with so many version to choose.... LOL ;p


  1. 我不嬲都話你係個有性格嘅人嚟架啦.. 不食人間煙火的小龍女~~

  2. Hehe...that's why whenever I take photo, I will squeeze myself into the photo..just to show face and make it different that those you googled. 小龍女? 超齡的咯...

  3. sk .. 小龍?巨龍就有啦。 巨龍巨龍你擦亮眼 永遠永遠的擦亮眼。。。i know that song was wrote POUR MOI....;p

    keenyee .. dun u know that 小龍女 is age-less in the movie? but not me.. i would prefer to age...

  4. 感觉被人从背后插了一刀.. 止血去了..
    本人对道地的风土民情较有兴趣,所以比较习惯偷拍路人的举止. 变态...

  5. 巨龍?? double meaning 1 or not?? hehehhe...
    agree with you danny, definetly want age!.....hahahha....
    as for abroad means experience and shop like there is not tomorrow....hahaha...well as taking picture lehh.....i only take picture if i being paid...hehe...perasan!....chui arr!

  6. u're a weirdo. :P

    but come to think of it... i guess photos will help u recall the memories somewhat. :D

  7. Ageless? Forever 21? Hehe, never wish for that. Hehe, man looks better with age!!

  8. wayne .. jangan perasan.. i'm just talking abt myself.. ur pics got quality one.. i dun mind

    paul .. i think we can go holiday together.. n both get "lost" in the shopping mall...LOL

    bong .. yes i am ... pics did help, buut i prefer not to take those 'standard' pics lo.. if u know what i mean :)

    keenyee .. i c u can't wait to join the 30s' box huh? come la come la.. there's lots of us in that box...hahaha

  9. I want take alot of pictures + unforgettable experiences + shopping shopping and shopping

  10. my pics got quality? u r such a sweet (sweet talking) old ass. sorry la.. a bit sensitive ;( thanks for u luck wishes, but i didnt seem to have that luck :( aiks. i miss u ;( haha

  11. can............the payment counter always be our "north"...hahha...

  12. tagnan .. yes u can !! cos u decide what u want to do :) not me :))

    wayne .. one slap then a hug huh? i'll PAY u back when u r bk...;p

    paul .. err.. i am LOST.. wait.. compass? issit? damn.. i am smart...hahaha

  13. 因为不是每个人都知道那些地方有什么名胜,咯就希望你能介绍下,让他们增广见闻咯。

  14. karen .. maybe i'm trying to avoid the job of an unofficial tour guide..:))

  15. thank god i never ask anything from you! slowly lost connection with you there....doooo...dooo...

    have good news to share with you...but your blog is for maybe another time if there is a chance....

    hope you have fun with everything and enjoy it a lot!!!

  16. athena .. gd news huh? do u mean that something is gng to happen in 9 months time? ;pp


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