Wednesday, August 3, 2011

i look u down ;p

One of two of the lifts in my block is under repair. So we waited for the lift to come down for almost 5 minutes ( cos stopping almost every floor ). I think he was in a hurry cos he kept looking at his watch. Her phone rang, he answered. He said that he is coming back. Then the lift arrived. We walked in. The doors closed.


Doors opened and he went out ... and it's 1st floor!!!

When i was in my old apartment, i never take the lift as i was staying only on 1st floor. With or without things to carry, i always used the staircase. I really don't understand why some people rather waste their time waiting for lifts when they can reach home in 30 seconds by taking the staircase?

FYI, he is NOT old, fat or with walking problem. He is just a normal teenager!


  1. Hence, this explains your fit physique...


  2. lots of tat in the hospital... one floor aso take lift

  3. Geng!! At least i stay at second floor and i took lift :P

  4. OMG! He is so retarded! Ha ha ha!

    I would love to walk up stairs to exercise. Once I lived on the 13th floor and used to walk up on weekends!! Now I am getting fatter after moving to a house.

  5. He's trying to make the best of the maintenance fees that his parents pay. Haha.

  6. he has a lazy a$$ thats for

  7. agree with Suneyo William...

  8. chenxing .. fit? i think the most fit part of me is my lips.. banyak ;p

    bong .. ya lah.. so bodoh kan? wasting time only ;p

    cani .. u ahh.. try walk up using arms only la.. since ur arms is so ;p

  9. twilight .. u still can walk up n down 13 times before u really go up ;p

    william .. up to him la.. nanti dah gemuk jangan menyesal ;p

  10. adrian .. ya la.. so young oledi so lazy..:(

    bighead .. im speechless lo.. if he have that kind of mentality :(


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