Friday, February 8, 2013


Today is my last working day before CNY. Finished most of the thing that needed to be down before CNY. Kemas rumah, beli bajus, prepare snacks/cookies, angpaus, etc.

The ONLY important thing to do now :
To coordinate my baju-baju raya .... cos i bought all separately and now having some issues matching the tops and the bottoms and the shoes ( for eve, 1st n 2nd day ). Trying to tone down a bit the look, just in case it's too loud for some people. ;p

What is your look/coordination for the 1st day? ( just state the color will do )
Mine is blue + camel casual look.

Wishing everyone DREAMS COME TRUE 心想事成


  1. I'm still working now... :(
    Still have to check my email before i shut my lappie.

    1. nvm la .. today last day?
      drive safe tomorrow :)

  2. Few options for the first day, but it's going to be brown/yellow/gold-ish tone match with navy-blue pants.


    1. eh .. lebih kurang same tone with me la .. ;)
      we both got good taste ..hahahaha ;p


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