Sunday, February 17, 2013

i listen.

One of my gym member approached me after the class asking if i want to earn side income.. doing some marketing things. She said it's super easy. I just need to gather my friends and someone will do the talking for me.

I don't think i'll do it. Cos i only have a few very precious close friends ( with the fact that i am an anti-social ;p ), i don't want to jeopardize our friendships.

Speaking of close friend, what kind of friend are you?

The one who always listen ( aka the listener ) ?
The one who always with juicy gossips ( aka CNN ) ?
The one who always available to hang out ( aka the " hello-mamak-now" ) ?
The one who ... dan sebagai nya..

Cos my friends like to share their story/problem with me. I think i'm a good listener, and i know what to say at the right moment to make them few better. :)

p/s: Happy 拜天公 :)


  1. you are a friend who will make people laugh hysterically while yourself maintain vogue. especially on the CNY video yaz took...your bitchy face that appear in the camera while T was singing so demure-ly!

    memang "peak" of the video.
    happy bai tian gong and have a wonderful year... :)

    1. only ppl with great sense of humor/vogiu can appreciate my joke.. :)))
      i belum tengok itu video lagi.. very bitchy meh? well... what to do? memang dah dibornkan begitu ;p

  2. People usually ask me about opinions from my past experiences though, some how I looked more "termakan banyak garam"

    1. or maybe u looked like very the wise ? :)


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