Wednesday, February 6, 2013

happy day.

I was talking to the taxi driver today ( cos i sent my car for service ), and the driver kept calling me 'adik'. I think he is about my age ( late 30's ). Got a bit happy la.

A member came to me after the class :

Her : Danny, u ni umur berapa?

Me : I? Tahun ni 36.

Her : 36!!!!!!!! ( she shouted.. takde over acting punye ;p )
        I ingat u 27 28 aje.

Me : Haha.. that was 8 years ago la.. ( dalam hati, gembira tak terhingga ;p )

Ever since i got my hair cut ( for CNY ), i feel younger and more confident. And it'c also quite nice when i dance ( how the hair flip la...hahahahah )
Semua dah potong rambut?

( of cos mine is the shorter version ;p )


  1. Had my hair cut but my stylist didn't let me straightening it. He says it's the new thing with a little curl. I hate my natural "uncle drinking Guinness Stout curls" So hamsap looking err!!!

    1. u got curly hair meh? tak perasan pun ..
      a little wavy nvm la .. u dun look hamsap oso ma ;p

  2. Hehe, had mine last weekend.

    Btw, you do really look young. Perhaps it's your active routine. Skin is so firm and healthy looking.


    1. hahahahahahahahaha..
      next time i bring my friend.. please tell him that my SKIN IS FIRM ... cos he always say i got loose and saggy skin.....hahahhaa

      happy cny :)

  3. Good on you.

    I wish people will say the same thing to me if i am at my late 30's.

    Gong Xi Fa Cai:)

    1. i dun mind ppl knowing my real age, cos i'm proud of it ..
      but once a while kena puji also quite nice la .. haha

      wish u dreams come true for this CNY :)

  4. I should go to have last min haircut. My face just follow my but my eldest brother still got people think he is high school studet...26 now..hahahha

    1. i dare not do last minute ..
      scared too crowded.. and if i dun like the hairstyle .. i got no more time to change :P


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