Monday, March 24, 2008

Dai Fung?

Below is the conversation between me n the dvd seller :

me : err, desperate houseviwes season 4 part 1.

him : mou wo
( dun have )

me : then ugly betty season 2 part 2 leh?

him : sorry, dou mou
( dun have oso )

me : eh, that day the other guy say got one?

him : sorry la, kan pai dai fung.
( 'strong wind' lately.. )

me : oo..ya ka? nevermind lo..

Sien ahh....

Dear Sir,

Can you and your department stop blowing for 1 week?
Let me get all the dvds that i want..then you blow again.
Can ah?
Please la...cos i really need my dvd le..
No life...

Yours sincerely,
Couch potato ;)

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