Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ken Lee......

Ken lee.....eeee
Tulibu dibu dauchoo...

Everybody is crazy at this now...( it might be so passe by the time you read this )
Who is Ken Lee?
Or, what is Ken Lee?

Log on to youtube...and search for " Ken Lee - Bulgarian Idol "
You will see what is that...and know why everyone is talking about it..

Sometimes i wonder, what makes a person special..
the appearance ?..most of the time...
the talent ?..make sense..
the knowledge ?..definitely
or the ability to do something that most people won't do?...incredible

But based on the Ken Lee incident, i think the most interesting part that i admire is her COURAGE..
the courage to sing in front of the camera ( which is going to be aired nationwide)..
the courage to tell the judges that the title of the song is 'Ken Lee' ( her wild guess, maybe? )
the courage to say that it was delivered in English ( not sure if there is 1% of correct English in it )

I'm 31 years old now..
and i will only have 31 years old once in my life ( sounds a bit like some insurance tagline ;p )
there are so many things that i wish to do...or i want to do
but what is holding me back from doing it?

Never a popular person among my group of friends..
Always look down during presentation..
Blush and sweat easily whenever i feel uncomfortable..
Thats why i am always lack of doing things or making decisions..

But i am glad that i made a very daring decision by quiting my job and turned full time freelancer last year..
I love and enjoy the things that i am doing now...
Thanks to those who gave me great advise and supported me all this while..
And i know there is one thing that i can do with say to you without any fear or doubt :


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