Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What do you want..from me?

i am not handsome ..
but i tried to be friendly

i am not cute..
so i try to be funny

i am not intelligent...
that's why i choose to shut up and just listen

i am not trendy..
i only wear t-shirt, jeans and my favourite pair of nike

i am not fit..
but i definitely love exercise and sweat

i am not rich..
and i will not act like one

i am not the one everybody likes...
but I AM WHO I AM ;)

so...what you want from me?


  1. i want nothing but you silly jokes to warm me in this cold hearted city.



  2. well...i dun think we need any jokes to warm us up..
    cos whenever we meet up...we will laugh immediately..

    all becos we came from the same 'kampung' ;)

  3. yea, it's funny how people clicked.

    i truly appreciate your effort of keeping in touch, and meeting you after 6-8months is always good, it gives me more positive energy to move on- be it a tight-slap-straight-forward advice or silly cold jokes.

    coming to london makes me realise how important it is to see things around us.

    sometimes, it's not all about the destination we want to reach, but also the journey we've been thru.

    you are just like any other tree that i see along the way, shorter one in fact, comparing to the others. but, somehow i chose to take a break and lean under the tree, and im glad i see the difference in you, and that, i made a right choice, for sure.

    wah...damn sentimental.

    xx biaomei

  4. ya la..MISS GIANT BIG TREE ;p


Good comment makes me happy.. bad comment get my attention ;)