Sunday, March 30, 2008

Event of the Year

Besides Chinese New Year, Ching Ming is the time where most of my family members will get together to visit, pray and make offerings to our ancestor. As usual, there traffic at the cemetery area is OUT-OF-CONTROL. I am not going to eleborate on the massive jam.
What i am trying to tell you is, we sure know how to fully utilised the twice a year gathering.

Normally, what do you bring to offer your ancestor?
From my observation, fruits and 'pau' is a must. Chicken rice is another favourite item on the praying table.
But if you ask me what we brought to offer our ancestor? Without any doubt, my answer is :


As you can see, there is at least 25 items on the praying table. Big party huh?
And what do we do with the blessed foods after the ceremony?
MAKAN la...( my family's on the spot )

Now its our 'Family Bonding' time . LOL.
But as i browse through the pictures, i realised something is missing.
We have 70% of meat, 20% of flour-made items and 10 % of fruits.
Where is the VEGE?

So i guess we are just a carnivorous family .!! :)


  1. now i know why you don't eat vege... it's in your genes... ha ha ha

    the blind one

  2. We enjoyed very much on our twice a year gathering :p

    Its time to detox now.. Yesterday too much salty fried meat, salty fried fishball, oily dumpling, oily nuggets and fried young tau fu, etc..

    hahaha.. good party.. we shall try out vege salad party next year.. and I can bet you, no one will touch on it.. Remembered SLoong face after he knew that is a vege dumpling.. haha.. :p

  3. ya, next year try to arrange for vege salad party....our pa sure dunno what to cook liao...

    luckily this year i didn't take much on the food...

  4. who say you didn't? everything you half I half, end up you eat more than me leh.. haha..

  5. err..anonymous....
    siapa nama?

  6. yvonne lah...u don't know me ah?

  7. I dont think the first anonymous is Yvonne lo.

  8. I am the anonymous on 1st & 2nd April only....yvonne


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