Friday, March 28, 2008

My New Haircut

After dragging for so long...i finally got the time to cut my hair.
Told my stylist that i would like to try something new.
He said ok...and start cutting my hair.
But i did mentioned to him :
"I might be bitchy, but deep down inside my heart, i am still very conservative" ( especially on my outlook ...and he laughed like hell. Classic line of the Year.)

I know he is trying to give me a clean short crew cut..with some artistic touch.
I looked at the mirror...front & side view...ok and acceptable..
Then i asked him to show me the back of my head.. is a asymmetrical cut..which is quite a way...
I took a deep breath..and accept it..cos it's about time to have a new image..

So i went to the gym after that.
Then came a group of members who is going to attend my class.
Once they saw my new haircut, they waste no time to start commenting on it :

A : Danny, you cut your hair ahh?
Me : ( in my heart ) You blind ah?

B : How come your hair like that? You fight with your stylist huh?
Me : ( smile, but in my heart ) Well, i can fight with you now if you want to .

C : You let student cut your hair issit? Rm15 issit? weird.
Me :( in my heart ) whatever !

B : Yerr, i don't like to see you like this le..Don't like la !
Me : ( in my heart ) It's alrite, it's okay, i don't like you anyway !!!!!

But there are also some who felt that the haircut suites me.Thank guys really got taste ;p LOL

Once i reached home, i look at the mirror...change my clothes and look in the mirror again.. brush my teeth, and of cos, stared at myself in the mirror...

Honestly, by the time i wrote this piece, i love my new look even more already. :)


  1. why not you put a photo showing the asymmetrical cut at the back?

    the blind one

  2. ha ha so cute... looks like a small school boy. cute cute... ;-)

    the blind one

  3. i didn't realize that u cut ur hair lah when i met u last sunday...btw, very nice........yvonne

  4. tqtq...try it on Xiang la.. LOL

  5. cannot lah, i afraid yi says she wants to follow "ko ko", then meh "boh sui" liao? yvonne


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