Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy Meal, please...

I was at The Gardens this morning to touch up some display. After that, went to McD to have lunch with one of the staff. Now, don't think that i'm going to blog about their service of the food they served.

Half way eating, i felt some differences on the set that i ordered. It seems that today's set is more delicious than usual. But it couldn't be. Then i realized that the differences is not on the meal, but on the enviroment. I am actually having my meal with SOMEONE. Cos i am used to take breakfast, lunch or dinner ALONE. And of cos, there's nothing special on eating alone. I think the last time i eat with friends most probably is at that SEAFOOD Gathering at Mid Valley. And having meals with friends actually makes the meal better.

I guess i am missing the feeling of having meals with friends. And i strongly agree that no matter how expensive or delicious the meal is, it will definitely taste better with the company of good friends.


How much is a "HAPPY MEAL"?


  1. 我最讨厌自己一个人在外用餐。一定会打包回家才一个人对着电脑吃。因为总觉得很寂寞,吃什么都不好吃。存粹只是为了填饱肚子。所以,多和朋友一起吃吧。

  2. Happy Meal...RM7++ if not mistaken. Any prize if I've got a correct guess?
    I think it's always nice to have meal (No matter breakfast, lunch or dinner) with friend(s). Drop me a call if you need a company next time, but not weekday lunch time ya.

  3. well, there is one saying that i always think it's very true: it's not where you go and what you do, it with WHO you are going and doing together with.. so the company is really important.. meaning to say, it's always nice to have somebody to make you company.. it can also means, if the company is bad, you'd rather spend the time yourself.. :)

  4. karen .. i'm used to it la..but sometimes oso felt lonely...;(

    keenyee .. dun say-say onli arr...sekali i call u, u give me 1001 excuses...;p

    sk .. looking at my case good or bad company oso 照殺。哈哈。

  5. GJ.. I feel so proud at this point.. At least, we had Chili's together before! And it was really a cool one!.. Let's go again soon!!!... Maybe this time.. Kenny Rogers!? Haha~ No special reason.. Just feel to eat Kenny Rogers sooooo much lately.. lol =P

    Jason Siah

  6. 要讲的都被上面博学多才的细叔伯们讲完了。

  7. "happy meal" is priceless.

    of course without me, ur meals r gonna be dull, i know.. haha.. oh ya, i gotta treat u a meal when i m back... haha.. sorry for not being able to make it when i was back during my summer break.

  8. 有時我都會故做孤獨精 落得清凈

  9. aiyo...wanna say like tat meh? our gathering on next friday with tagnan is canceled bcoz of u lo~ lolz...its ok la since u got to work, but please suggest a date la...

  10. Come Come Come, I accompany u...

  11. Am .. mr rogers? prefer his songs than his chicken worr...;p

    shinji .. i'll consider ur proposal la ;p

    wayne .. another BOLD statement from some FLAT person... but i dun mind if u wanna treat

    tagnan .. need any tips on being gu duk jing?

    leumas .. money come first ;p

    medie .. what hint ? dun wrong wrong think ;p

    jenice .. u go bk accompany pa & ma ;p

  12. happy because of sharing....^^

  13. thanks im good on it ;p

  14. i am typical libra that afraid of being alone too. but sometimes i do keep myself alone when i am in the mood too...:)it's called a room with a space...i miss my friends and my life in Malaysia!!!

  15. mo .. yup.. sharing is caring :)

    tagnan .. 孤獨萬歲

    athena .. bet u miss us all here huh? ;p
    btw, sorry to know about the pictures posting incident..


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