Sunday, February 1, 2009

Yerrr.. so out-dated !

Went to a CNY gathering the other day with of my ex colleagues. Nothing much to be said regarding the gathering. But somehow there's 1 thing that i would like to share with you guys. In the middle of the gathering, this woman ( let's just say that this woman is not one of my favorite person ) came to me and asked :

Her : Eh Danny, what is your Facebook account? I can add you.

Me : Sorry, i don't do Facebook.

Her : What?? I always thought you are an 'IN' person, and you don't have Facebook? So out-dated..hehehe. ( with her SUPER annoying face )

Me : Hahaha ( very dry fake smile... then walked away )

Let me explain why i don't do Facebook. So that you all don't have to ask me again, and again. Everyone have their own interests. I am very happy pouring my thoughts in my blog. And the main reason is, i don't want to start something that i know that i won't have the time to maintain it. No point right?

Conclusion :
Some people like 'adding friends'*, and i just like blogging.
(NOTE : 'adding friends' and 'making friends' are two different things ;p )

You want my Facebook issit? Nah .. here's mine.

有本事你就add我啦。 ;p


  1. haha.. good one.. can i have an autograph of ur face-book?? :P

  2. me too me too! can i write right at the center??? lol~

  3. 丹尼哥哥果然係不食人間煙火.. 你的清高令小弟佩服佩服!! :p

  4. face-book, haha....
    actually i oso hv bt i didnt play too....juz keep d account to plant mushroom...

  5. ian .. sure can.. add me first la ;p

    shinji .. write what wo?

    sk .. 因為我係‘仙家‘哈哈。

    tom .. plant mushroom huh? dunno what is that

  6. can just create account on facebook but don't need to update one ma :)

  7. facebook is like necessity in US. most of the campus events r posted on facebook and that's the way i get to know about latest updates.

    anyway, i like ur face-book a lot. add me add me, write my name on it

  8. Wow, so "Yeng" ler you. I do have FB account and accepting whoever added me, but never contacted each other. So I understood what do you meant by "adding friend" and "making friend".

  9. ??? .. whats the point of starting one without maintaining it?

    wayne .. not only ur name.. i can put ur pic oso...;p

    keenyee .. cos i think its more important to have only 1 real friend than to have thousands of added friends :)

  10. 我不敢add啦,那个样子有够凶咯。

  11. 我一向來都不是走親善路線的啦。

  12. wah Danny,good one you are so funny..putting ur face and a book ther!!lol:-P

  13. Haha.. my dad asked me that day whether i got facebook as he want to create one account too.

  14. DOHHHHH..... so cold ler your FACE BOOK.... damn hillarious lo... when i saw ur FACE BOOK, i was like sniggering lo... then my colleague look at me in a weird expression... ops.. i guessed i sniggered too loud... can u don always be so cartoon.. :p

  15. 人各有志.. Not everyone loves that.. We always have a choice.. =)


  16. rychelle .. nothing to do ma..

    karen .. ur dad very IN huh?

    vel .. very cartoon meh? i'm very serious one wo..;p

    AM .. so u know what to answer for me if they ask my facebook on saturday huh? lol

  17. ya la....everyone now also got facebook...onli u tak the way i like the song u put in here...

  18. ck .. i onli do things that are suitable for me... no need to follow the main group ma..:)


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