Monday, February 16, 2009


What is the difference between In people and OUT people?
People who are involved in the current trend = IN
People who are not involved in the current trend = OUT

Do you think it's that easy? I don't think so.
Let's do a quick check based on the following case:

A created a trend. B, C & D followed. So all 4 of them are considered IN people. After a while, A separated himself from the group to create another trend. Few months later, B,C & D joined the trend. And they are all the IN people again.

My question is :
"What is A while he was not in the group? And also from the period he started the second trend till the rest joined him? "
Is he still considered an IN person? Or is he an OUT, cos he is not attached to the main group with the current trend? But how can he create a NEW IN without being OUT?
Therefore, we should stop teasing those "CURRENT" OUTs, cos they might be the "NEW" IN!!!

SO, are you IN or OUT?

( I also dunno how come i think so deep today. If you understand what i'm trying to say, good. If not, you didn't lose anything ;p )


  1. i guess i m on, instead of in or out. on = always remain alert to updates around us.

    r u too free to think bout all these? then, think about me instead of all these that might bring up ur wrinkles.

  2. A bit "cim"..
    No matter "In" or "Out", as long as that particular person happy with what he is doing, he will not even bother how others think about him.

  3. hmmm~ is it really matter whether you r "in" or "out" ??? i think the most important is u feel comfortable with tat situation and every trend u r in...

  4. wayne .. i rather waste time thinking of nonsense lo.. than think of u ;p

    karen & leumas .. totally agree of being ourselves and be comfortable with it :)

  5. Wow, Danny is being so cruel to Wayne. I better not to say the same thing lor, hehe. OK, I guess..something is considered OUT when the followers are getting lesser. So theoritically, while B,C,D are following earlier trend of A while A is creating a new trend. The earlier trend is still IN. When all B,C,D abandoned earlier trend for new trend, then that trend is OUT. So...IN and OUT, OUT and IN...I also pening.

  6. tak kaysah lar.

    out ma out lor. but the thing is, if you're the odd one out, how come you can't be the new in? like, who must be the one to create the new in? why must it be him? why cant D leave the trend and start a new trend?

  7. i am not OUT and definitely not IN, so what am i???

  8. i'm always not in the mainstream, so, i am simply salah and confused.

  9. keenyee .. u really so free huh? got time to elaborate lagi ;p

    medie .. why so many why? why ask me back when i ask u guys? ;p i myself oso

    sk .. u r SK lo.. ;p

    winni .. u r always OUT... i mean OUT SHINE the INs...cos u r unique :) see? i always very gd to u one ;)

  10. GJ.. I must agree with you.. Try to look at the trend now.. No matter how IN you are talking about the current fashion.. There are a lot copied from LAST TIME's fashion!.. A very good example~ Now, the trend for spectacles! The BIG size very nerdy look kinda spec!.. That's the trend back to I-dunno-how-many-years, isn't it? But now.. It's so IN!

    So, don't laugh at those ppl that you think are OUT cos they might be IN next minute!..

    Btw, I hv bought one of the spec for myself too! lol Show you when I got it k? =P


  11. Hehe, dont announce here that I'm so free la..Paiseh.

  12. u r so mean T_T
    u ll regret what u said when u start to miss me. haha

  13. Can IN and OUT mixed together, become INOUT?

  14. AM .. wait for your spec show :)

    keenyee .. u oso know paiseh one ah? ;p

    wayne .. 老人家有時口是心非嘛。

    mr teh .. i prefer 'OUTIN' lo ( outing )...;)

  15. SK = Selalu Keluar?? haha :p

  16. 那那那。以後別人醬來tease你,別怪我。是你自己講的。;p


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