Monday, December 19, 2011

latest addition ...

It was a super productive and satisfying weekend. I signed up for the Drums Alive training, just to improve myself. Also trying to create more opportunities of getting and teaching more classes in the gym. Super tired, but super fun. I think i did well. At least i enjoyed my own presentation. LOL ( syok sendiri )

My latest accessories... You think i'll look 'cool' if i purposely slip these drumstick in my back pocket when i go out? Saja nak ;p

7 more days to Christmas. I should be at home, cos this year no Christmas theme party. ( sigh )
What's your plan?


  1. You should do that. And this kind of class would be very interesting.

    Hehe, imagine your existing members doing the routine.


  2. chenxing .. its is a very interesting class indeed... care to try ? :)

    william .. tapi my rambut tak cukup kembang worr.. how to selit? lol ;p

  3. this year Christmas -- Balik Kampung ^.^

    spend my time with Parents

  4. bong .. that one need some time to plan .. but horr.. i'm having a xmas theme class at Kenanga this wednesday @ 7.40pm .. come join la :))

    matthew .. gd for u .. be around the family :)

  5. I like to hold "sticks" but the one you are doing now, very energy-consuming.


  6. chenxing .. u still need certain amount of energy no matter what stick u r holding maa...;p

  7. Will be busy cooking up a storm on X'mas day cos my daughter is flying in the the 24th, will be having a X'mas dinner with my brothers' families, didn't order any turkey this year cos the one I bought last year tasted like rubber and the stuffing? It looked more like a piece of frozen luncheon meat! I can do better than that! And it cost me RM250 for that stupid bird :(

    Merry X'mas and happy New Year to you :)

  8. jade .. wow .. really a busy season huh? see you soon la.. merry xmas n happy new year to u too :)

  9. hello hello~ Evanesca here~ XD

  10. evan .. alo alo.. welcome to my humble yet bitchy ;p c u around in the class :)


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