Sunday, December 4, 2011

wake me up .. or don't!

They said the older you get, the earlier you'll wake up.
I used to wake up around 10am ... now, i start to admire my ceiling by 8.30am :(

What is your auto-wake-up time?

BTW, i'm postponing the closing date for the starstrucked contest cos i'm not ready with the gifts yet. Trying to buy more time to buy the gifts. Kesian kan? LOL ;p
So if you want to join, fast fast submit your answer la. I'll announce the winner by 10 December 2011. ( This time i promise )

FYI, nobody got it right yet. But got 1 person guessed so close ( just 1 under the right answer )


  1. Depends on how late I slept the night before. But usually before 9.

  2. Weekdays - around 8 am
    Weekends - around 11 am

  3. william .. wah .. u oso wake up so early one ahh? will u get headache if over slept?

    chenxing .. then if partied the night before leh? 1pm issit? ;p

  4. My auto-wake is very powerful; once i slept at 4am wanting to sleep till the afternoon, but woke up at 6am. I couldn't sleep again until night fell.

  5. chai .. my goodness 6am!!!!???? u wake up so early for what? do taichi issit? ;p

  6. If partied the night before, I'll open my eyes around noon...then continue sleeping again.


  7. chenxing .. oic.. but dun party to much.. later got dark eye circle.. not vogiu ;p


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