Monday, December 19, 2011

salam bersalaman, amalan mulia

Do you shake hand with your friends or other people every time you meet them? For me, simple hello and a smile will do ( or an additional nod if i really respect that person ;p ). Cos i'm not all that touchy-touchy ( shake hand or a pad at the back ) person.
But this client of mine, likes to shake hand every time we meet and leave, even if the meeting is only for 2 minutes. He also likes to ask " How are you? ", which sometimes is slightly overused lorr... like he called me 10 minutes ago with " Hi Danny, how are you? ...." and 10 minutes later he still ask me the same question. He expect me to have something happening every 10 minutes issit? lol ;p

How you greet your friends or clients, etc?

I am going to conduct a Christmas Theme Class at TrueFitness ( Kenanga International Building, Bukit Bintang ) this Wednesday ( 21/12 ) at 7.40pm. It's our Christmas Open House, so anyone can come and join. If you are interested to join ( i hope YOU DO ;p ), please let me know asap so that i can reserve / register for you. You can also just walk in on that day itself ( i'm sure they'll allow that ). But please come in slightly earlier so that you have time to tour and get ready/ change for the class. Also everyone will get a lucky draw door gift ( i can't promise the quality of the gifts lol ;p )

See you there :))) Whore! Whore! Whore! ( Ho! Ho! Ho! ....hahahhaha )


  1. Maybe your life is happening, that's why every 10 minutes need to update.

    Hahah, like Twitter feed like that.


  2. chenxing .. my life is happening? obviously u dun really know me lorr.. ;p

  3. Haha, maybe to them it's a friendly gesture to shake hands.

    Got one time when I was meeting a female Muslim client, she told me that she don't shake hand with fabulous diva like me.

    Sad...I could have blessed her with my aura...


  4. chenxing .. dia takut nanti kena laser ngan u kot?

  5. At least not muacks muacks you on your cheeks

  6. I will shake hands if it's in a formal setting.. like meeting someone for work or is doing me a favour..

    oh wait.. sometimes when friends introduce me to new friends i will shake their hands also hahaha >.< Automatic response LOL!!

  7. oooo xmas theme class! i kat outstation. boohoo

  8. No need to say whore, ho is a short form of whore anyway.

    In HK by then, so have fun!

  9. I'll make sure to give a big hug the next time we meet , just to watch you blush!

  10. william .. i'm sure he'll regret it .. cos i got oily face..heheeh ;p

    jboy .. shake hand for formal meeting still ok la.. normally for frens i just nod and smile :)

    bong .. i dun want to talk to u la.. every time like that one ;p

  11. chai .. ooo.. have fun in hk then :))

    ant .. i can blush if u want to see.. no need to hug me ;p


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