Friday, December 9, 2011


Finally .. got myself some time to do the long delayed Christmas shopping. But this time round, i don't have the luxury of time ( or patience ) to choose the gift one by one. Instead, i bought something generic, that is acceptable by all in bulk, yes .. BULK. Same thing, different colors. LOL ;p

Felt so guilty but don't care la. No time. Even my gift wrapping concept also super simple and not creative enough. :(

It's really a BIG knowledge when selecting gifts for others huh? Did your Christmas shopping?
Just curious, when you shop for gifts ..

" Do you buy things that you feel is nice? Or you buy not so nice ( for your taste ) stuffs, as long as the recipient likes it? "

Going to spend my weekend wrapping those gifts and start delivering them by next week. :)

FYI, the "starstrucked" contest is still on ya. Fast-fast submit your entry before closing date on 10/12/11. Good luck. :)


  1. Normally I buy food & wrap it up nicely. Eg: cookies, candy, biscuits, chocolates, as a little gift to my fren.
    U know y, just open up, feel the joy, eat it all, disappear. *Ding*
    Won't take up any space. ^^

  2. eunice .. hmm food n cookies huh? i think its still at least better than photo frame & ;p

  3. You're a loving and caring person, sure those lucky ones will appreciate your Christmas gifts very much!! :-)

  4. edward .. loving and caring? obviously u dun know ;p

  5. I always buy something that I believe in, so that it represents me more when it is given.

  6. i still no time to go for Chirstmas Shopping everyday still need to work OT till 8pm then gym then no time ...

    headche what to buy and wallet will bleeding also ^.^

  7. chai .. i used to do that.. but not everyone can / will appreciate la :(

    matthew .. gd luck to u .. buying gifts is really a very tough project :)

  8. I only buy for a limited set of people, so I can think a bit and tailor the gift to the recipient.

  9. If they don't appreciate then too bad lor.

  10. william .. but my 'limited' group of frens are all with super different and unique taste.. a bit hard to satisfy each of them :(

    chai .. err.. tot it suppose to make them happy kan? :)


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