Friday, February 24, 2012

i dreamed a dream ...

I know some of us Chinese got  a lot of pantang-larangs, especially when it comes to 'death'.

I received an email from my younger sis this afternoon, telling me that she had this weird dream. Might be an omen for me not to go overseas for now, or there might be something horrible ( death ) waiting for me. Hmm.. i actually got holiday plan in April and May. Hmmmm..

By the by, if you dreamed of someone you know passed away, will you tell him/her? Or do you mind if someone told you that he/she dreamt of you dead?
To me, if someone tell me that i passed away in his/her dream, i think i will ask him/her :

" Do i look drop DEAD vogiu? " lol ;p

Yelah kan, " why die horribly when you can die vogiuly? " ;p
( another vogiu quote by danny : the big mouth )


  1. But I though they, what you "dream" will reflect the opposite in real life...

    1. meaning i'll live vogiuly ever after issit? lol ;p

    2. ooo.. tenkiu tenkiu..
      and i'm sure u'll die vogiuly as well..ahahahahaahahah

  2. Hmmm, better to just tell in case it is true.

    1. in case its true?
      but you think tha other party wanted to know?

  3. Replies
    1. oic.. if u think thats the best fro him/her :)


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