Saturday, February 18, 2012

eh.. her her her...

After the class, the went to the changing room to get my bag. So happened that the locker next to mine is the new guy that just attended my class. As a 'friendly' and 'caring' instructor ( ;p ), i pun pr-pr with him a bit la. But the whole conversation was quite awkward :

Me : Hi, did you enjoy the class?

Him : Ya, but i'm a bit clumsy la. Eh.. her her her... ( fake laugh? )

Me : Aiya, no worries. Just do whatever you can, we are here to sweat and enjoy.

Him : Ya la. I just do whatever i can. Eh.. her her her... ( another fake laugh? )

Me : So what else classes that you joined?

Him : At the moment just dance and combat. Eh.. her her her... ( ok, i'm very sure it's a fake laugh! )

Me : Ohh ok. Take care. See you next time.

I just have to stop the conversation, cos i really cannot tahan his " Eh.. her her her.. " laugh. Dunno why he laugh like that. Is he trying to be charming? Or he is damn nervous talking to me?

If la say, one day, while you are shopping in the mall, someone ( i ) come to you and say :

" Hi , are you XXX from the blog? Eh.. her her her...  I'm Danny the big mouth. Eh.. her her her... Very nice to meet you. Eh.. her her her... "

What will be your respond?


  1. Eh...her her her..

    Of course he is nervous talking to you, maybe because you are the vogiu instructor ?


    1. but how come u r not nervous when talking to me?
      oh.. is it bcoz u r vogiu-er than me? lol ;;p


    I'll just start laughing like crazy then apologise. I prefer if people think I'm the crazy one.

    1. i definitely won't smile like that when i know someone's secret lor.. i'll just give him/her a very weird

  3. her her her, nervous....

    1. wht to nervous? i'm just another guy .. a vogiu-er

  4. well when it comes to laughs, everyone has sort of a unique sound :P

    maybe that's his "style" of laughing lah.. Eh her her her :P

    1. maybe i shld tell him the next time that his might want to reconsider his laughing sound huh? eh.. her her her..


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