Tuesday, January 15, 2013


My name is Henry, and i'm in my late 40's. I was attending a Halloween party with my girlfriend ~ Tia, in a big decorated room. I was in a 'cat' themed costume. Everyone was enjoying the party. By the way, this party was in the 1900s cos everyone was in some Edwardian costumes, as well as the building.

Then we heard someone knocking the door and Tia went to open the door. It was a lady, telling Tia something. And everything became black and white. I can see Tia crying, and ran to the church. We saw a coffin, and inside the coffin was me ... Henry, still in my cat costume.

Then only i ( Henry ) realized that i am already dead right from the beginning. The Halloween party is just a flash back of my memories. Now i'm floating in the air, looking at people that i loved. And next to me is an angel, in camel color office suit, waiting for me ..

" Just let go ... " The angel said.

And i woke up.

Interesting right?
What is the dream trying to tell me?
That Henry is actually my past life?
Or someone called Henry visited me when i was sleeping? ( yerrrrrr.... )
Or i should change from Danny to Henry? ( no la .. i still prefer Danny ;p )


  1. Henry sounds so French~

    Maybe can consider... not bad...

  2. Replies
    1. call me Monsieur Henry lol ;p

    2. Monsieur Henry, quand est-ce que nous voulons rencontrer pour le thé ?

    3. i takde suruh u cakap perancis ngan i pun ;p

  3. haha cute Chen Xing..

    Your dream like a film:)Henry is a nice name btw..

    1. very suitable for some movie kan? :)


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