Friday, January 4, 2013

tahun baru. drama berterusan.

Not sure why, but my mind is kinda super productive lately. Especially when i am sleeping. More dreams to share with you guys ..

I was sleeping in my room ( in my old apartment ). Woke up in the middle of the night to get a glass of water from the kitchen. I was feeling dizzy and drunk, can't walk straight.

When i went back to my room, i was shocked. Cos there's so many people in my room. My sisters, my friends, my clients, etc. I turned around, saw a group of dancers rehearsing in my room. I even asked the dancers not to jump or step on the floor too hard, cos it's midnight. My neighbor downstairs are sleeping. WTF?

This afternoon, i took a nap, and went back to the 'after-party'. My room was in chaos, so many dirty plates and glasses of orange juices and red wine... and some of the 'stars' from the 'night's' dream appeared and leaving my room...

Weird of not?

Since i am good and productive in making weird/interesting dreams, i think i will create a special series for those dreams and post it here. Let you guys 'see' how COMPLICATED my mind is ... lol ;p
I'll call it " my vogiu bedtime stories ... "


  1. totally whacky subconscious manifestations of danny.

    gonna be the next bestseller man.

    1. bestseller?.. haha .. ya lo.. maybe i can publish a book of crazy ridiculous dream... lol;p

  2. Haha, bedtime stories.

    Your room must be really big to host a party inside.

    Slumber party ?

    1. not slumber party lo.. cos everyone doing their own things .. and that group of dancers rehearsing ....;p

  3. oh yes it's complicated indeed.
    psychologist said if you dream for something that means you actually want it to happened in real life,you want continuous drama right???:)))

    1. hmm .. i guess i dun mind a bit of drama in my life .. exciting n happy drama please :)


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