Friday, January 18, 2013


I always have lower back and leg pain problem. So my friend gave a a contact of a Chinese sifu who is very good in 推拿 ( tui-na , err. Chinese massage? ;p ). I called the sifu and made the appointment.

When i reached his place the next day, he looked at me, and asked me to go back. He said :

" You so fat. I don't want to serve you. You have to lose at least 4 to 5kg, then i'll massage you. "

NOOOOOOOO........................ ( cue strong wind, thunder and lighting.... )
I stood at the door, don't know what to do. I was shocked!

Then i woke up. How la wei?
I think i'm not happy lately, that's why i am subconsciously rejecting myself.
Hmmmmmmm........ :(

My friend's wife is working in slimming centre. But he told me,

" Don't under estimate her petite size, cos she is very strong. Everyday she needs to PUSH a lot of fat ladies during work. " LOL

Happy weekend everyone. :)


  1.'s only a dream right ?

    But if you really have those lower back & leg pain problem, you can try one Sifu in USJ there.

  2. yaka? where in USJ? can try when i go for class there :)

  3. You're not fat what~

    Terperanjat me..thought is not dream..

    1. if thats a reality .. u won't b seeing me anymore .. lol :)

  4. haha why?don't tell me you want to suicide?

    1. no la .. suicide is not my thing ..
      i might become more n more bitchy and mean lo.. due to the rejection....hahahahaha


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