Thursday, January 31, 2013

umbrella.. ella .. ella..

I saw 2 different couple at 2 different junction doing 1 same thing : walking with umbrella and the girl is holding the umbrella, instead of the guy.

And the funny thing is ( for both couple ), the girl is much shorter than the guy. So the guy's head is covered by / hiding inside the umbrella. Why? Isn't it mush comfortable for both if the guy is holding the umbrella. He can walk comfortably and show hie caring for the guy. Or is it tak macho for a guy to hold an umbrella?

Are you an umbrella person?
I only use umbrella when it's raining, big hot sunny day .... don't think so.

But horr, i totally salute those who can hold an umbrella while rising on the motorcycle at the same time. LOL. ;p


  1. Yes, sometimes when it's too hot. I will use umbrella as well.

    But then again, seldom, as I drive more often now.


    1. too hot normally i dun think i'll use umbrella la..:)


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