Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Turkey Boleh ! ;p

The one thing i must say about people in Turkey ( Istanbul) is .. they are really friendly. Why? From the moment we stepped out from the airport, we were greeted by them ( mainly the kids ) with warm smile and excitement. Not sure if we were really that attractive, or they are just very excited to see some fair Asian faces like us. The kids in the school bus kept waving and smiling to us whenever our van stopped side by side. Not only that, as we were walking on the streets, little kids and their mom will come to us and ask where are we from. You really feel like a star ( at least at that moment ).

Jumping jumping dekat Aya Sofya and the Blue Mosque.

Went to se one of their traditional/religious performance .. Whirling Dervishes. This is NOT an insult, BUT i literally felt like vomiting after watching them non stop spinning. Sungguh memeningkan... But it's still a nice experience :)

There, me buying the Turkish ice cream on the shopping street. As usual, the ice cream seller will play some trick before we actually get the ice cream. And AS USUAL being ME, i just stood there with no expression ... waited for him to finish, then get my ice cream. So the tak sporting kan? LOL ;p

p/s: Those people from the tourist area were trying to act friendly to us when they knew that we are from Malaysia. So they shouted : " MALAYSIA BOLEH ... "
followed by Amita Batchan Boleh ... Shah Rukh Khan Boleh ...
( so the SALAh kan? ;p )


  1. guess this is the difference between their kids and ours here right?? their kids loves foreigners, ours just ran off so scared of foreigners - very 小家 lor..

    haha, i thot you pening because you thot they dance so badly from your professional point of view..

    yalor, very mo liu lor that ice-cream trick.. guess i'll also just stand there and wait for him to finish his trick pass me the ice-cream..

  2. OMG. That stupid phrase infected the poor Turkish people! Ish.

  3. So nice ... go holiday. I'm working late and have to work 7 days a week :(

  4. 他应该在等你给写反应吧~ "这个顾客怎么不配合下?" 哈哈~

  5. huh? they really shout boleh? sure or not?

  6. It's been a few years since my last visit to Istanbul.. Feel like go there again..
    So have u try Turkey bath?

  7. hahaha still ok lor. at least not N***b boleh! :O

  8. kaishin .. surprisingly i like worr.. very soft and yummy.. not like what i expected :)

    sk .. ya wor.. we have to train our children here to be more 'international'.. not stick to own ppl onli... ya kan.. the ice cream trick.. or maybe we are not too young to enjoy it? ;p

    william .. ya worr.. i was so surprise to hear that.. but after the second and third 'BOELH' .. i know that it was meaningless to them :)

  9. tz .. u oso not bad ma.. in Iran now.. try to enjoy ur work there la :))

    anthony .. they 'suei' lo.. cos i really think that ice cream trick is not suitable for ME...;p

    l .. yes BOLEH.. LOUD n CLEAR.. but meaningless la

  10. single .. yp yup.. m enjoying it la.. new experience ma :)

    chris .. takde wo.. dun feel comfortable la.. dunno who else will be there ;p

    bong .. err.. NO COMMENT :)

  11. This Whirling Dervishes, saw on tv and i really salute them. If me, sudah lama pengsan lor, hahaha!

  12. kristen .. really salute them la.. for making me almost vomit ;p


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