Wednesday, June 23, 2010

err... err... err...

I always envy those who can speak well, especially in English. You see, i tend to talk less when i am in a group of English speaking friends. Dunno why, just felt a bit insecure and shy. Or i'll just try to keep the conversation short, so that i won't make too many mistakes. ;p

Yesterday morning, i was listening to Fly Fm while on my way to my morning class. Since it was quite jam, so i tried to call in to join the 'Cash or Trash' segment. And below is the off-air conversation between me and the producer :

Producer : Morning, Fly FM.

Me : Morning. ( 1 word )

Producer : Who's on the line please?

Me : Danny here. ( 2 words )

Producer : Is this your first time playing the game?

Me : Yup. ( 1 word )

Producer : You sure you are dying to play the game? ( teasing me )

Me : Yeah. ( 1 word )

And when she passed me to the DJs, i think all i said was "ok"s , "yes"s and ... laugh. :( Damn kan-cheong lah .. going on air with powderful England.;p

Can't imagine what will happen if someday, i got interviewed ( as a celebrity lah konon ;p ) on air in English. Sure dead-air everywhere, kan? ;(

Oh by the way, i got the correct answer and picked the right envelope. And won myself RM100. Not bad kan? Can earn extra pocket money while stuck in the jam. ;p


  1. not bad ah. Dare to call and get RM 100. I don't think I dare to call

  2. practice make perfect~ call fly FM every morning lor, sure won't shy liao~ LOL

  3. Getting through is difficult enough! Congrats!

  4. aiyah, so good, you even have the courage to call-in and won RM100.. at least a lot better than me lor, i don't even dare to call-in any radio station or show up in any tv shows.. this shows that you are confident with yourself..

  5. hey speaking of this, i think last month. i took part in a radio contest.
    the DJ asked me to stop bside the road (as am driving), then wind down the window, horn for 10 seconds, n shout my lung out : "PITBULL I LOVE U !!!".
    n i got myself 2x rm188 tix to the party.. =D
    to ppl who saw me tat day, am not insane alright.. haha^^

  6. So easy to get thru... I also want to take part. One dinner @ TGIF :p

  7. hebat. Bravo. But for English, no way to learn but to read, speak and listen lo. I learned it in a hard way too.

    Danny can do it one. :)

  8. Aahahaahah so it was u!!!

    ahahaha although i din listen (my car stero rosak jor).. but i can imagine u over the air lolx..!!!

  9. i tot ur english is gud....lolz
    me too....feel so insecure when talking with a group of english speaking person...haha

  10. Not bad at all. As SK said, you still DARE to call in. I never thought of calling in for those games. Paiseh to show my malaysian broken english.

  11. danny,
    whahahahaha...... that one ok la....dun be doin great ok.......
    but can get through for RM 100 cash....that one, you so lucky lei. I always cannot get chance.


  12. wow... now our lovely Danny is on air! one step forward to become a celebrity ! Gambateh!

    I myself can't dun have talent on language... so not only my english, but Malay or Mandarin also teruk.... but i do like to use my broken english/Malay/mandarin especially with good friend.... can create a lot of joke on it....

  13. Really not bad, sudah habis belanja RM100?

  14. nana .. why not? call only ma... it depends on luck most of the time..

    frog .. call every day? for what? do daily report issit? ;p

    william .. maybe its my luck la.. cos the few times i tried to call in oso quite easy ;p

  15. sk .. when you desperate for money.. u'll do ;p

    ian .. chia? no prob.. u come here la.. i chia u anytime.. with or without winning the rm100 :)

    bong .. can can.. when n where?;p

  16. eunice .. err.. that one i think a bit too much la.. party tix? not my thing... m only interested in ;p

    tz .. call la call la.. no need paiseh one ;p

    freedom ... i know i know.. thats how i learn my chinese...:)

  17. eric .. u heard that? but u said ur stereo rosak... a bit blurr la ;p

    single .. i know... that y i called ;p

    keo .. my english good? obviously we never talked in english before.. come la.. see who's more ;p

  18. ky .. when u r desperate to get more money.. u wont care about the paisehness lo ;p

    nasrul .. i used to win lots of things from the radio .. but nowdays cut down liao.. no time to call..;p

    ed .. what u mean by ' one step forward to become a celebrity'? FYI, i'm oledi one.. at least in ;p

  19. shin .. what for envy? u can oso call one ma..

    mr teh .. belum collect lagi la ;)

  20. Hey danny, I always call and text to flyfm. So much so that my relationship with them was so good, I get free stuff from them it more often. Hope to hear u 1 day!

  21. freddie .. really? then will pay more attention when they read those sms.. happy flyday :)


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